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Wireless Microphones for School Plays

Wireless Microphones for School Plays

Wireless microphones for school plays or theatre productions is something that EAV Pro Audio specialise in. We understand that most schools require a wireless microphone system that offers multiple users, clear sound, flexability of use and also at a price point to fit within their budget for the year. Our range of Wireless microphones for schools consist of professional systems that will deliver exactly what is needed.


Racked & ready Wireless microphones for school

For school plays and theatre productions, the racked and ready wireless microphone systems we offer are perfect. From 4-way systems to 12-way systems (bigger if needed) we can provide a system that allows for multiple users to me mic’ed up and ready for the stage. We offer the original Racked systems from Trantec at great priced but also offer Sennheiser, Audio Technica and Line 6 Digital systems that are built and tested here at EAV Pro Audio.

We cover the whole ranges from these suppliers, that way we can offer systems at various budgets. We also offer any combination of transmitters to make things easier for you. If you want all headsets, or a mix of handhelds and headsets then that’s fine, you let us know.

Feel free to give us a call if you want to discuss your wireless microphone needs and chat to us about the racked systems or visit our Racked & Ready Wireless Microphone page to see the range.

Racked Wireless Microphones For Schools

Single Systems radio mics for Schools

If it’s just a single system or a couple of radio mics that you need to cover your school production, we offer systems from all the leading wireless microphone manufacturers and their complete ranges. From entry level systems to full professional radio mic units, we have one that’s right for you. Give us a call on 0845 125 9409 to chat through your wireless microphones for school plays options

Wireless microphones for School Plays



What Frequencies Should Schools Run Their Wireless Mics On?

You have a few choices when it comes to frequencies. If you are only running one or two systems, you can use the free to use band of channel 70. If you are using more than that, you really should look at a fixed site licence and buy a block of frequencies that only the school are allowed to use. This costs £28 per system or £168 for a complete channel (you can fit up to 12 systems in a complete channel). You may have heard of channel 38? This is a shared frequency band and costs you £75 to use (again, up to 12 systems can be run on that band). The issue with channel 38 is that anyone is allowed a channel 38 licence and you may have a neighbour that uses that band. The final option is 2.4GHz wireless microphone systems which are licence free in the UK and worldwide. They run on the same frequency as your WIFI. We are happy to discuss what frequencies are best for your school and feel free to call us and we can do a check on your post coded area to see what is best for you. Call us now on 0845 125 9409


How to order for your school or education establishment

EAV Pro Audio are more than happy to invoice schools, universities and colleges providing your email, fax or post us through an official purchase order.