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Trantec S5.3T Theatre Headset Wireless Mic System - Inc 40 Free Batteries

Quick Overview

The Trantec S5.3 T UHF wireless microphone system is ideal for a multitude of venues and markets needing a quality system. Now available in channel 38 and channel 70.

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25 years after pioneering the first readily available radio mics, Trantec's foresight and imagination has again taken wireless to a whole new level with their groundbreaking S5 Series.
Based upon the award winning S6000, widely used in theatre and broadcast, the S5 Series promises a powerful set of features combined with an exceptional performance/cost ratio. For venues of any size, we suggest you check out the specifications of this remarkable system.
The S5.3, one of Trantecs latest multi channel UHF products, is the little brother of the successful S5.5 system; it has 11MHz of bandwidth that will enable you to run up to 12 channels simultaneously at a price you will find hard to match.
This unique product will appeal to following markets:- amateur dramatics, audio visual, broadcast, churches, djs, musicians, pro audio, schools, and theatres.
Specifications- S5.3RX Receiver
  • Fully synthesised UHF dual conversion receiver with features including graphic LCD, display jog wheel, IR data link and headphone monitor.
  • Type: Dual Diversity featuring PLL Dual conversion receivers
  • IF Freq: 1st IF 55.875MHz, 2nd IF 10.7MHz
  • Sensitivity: 1st Image: >7dB
  • RSSI range: 10 steps 30dB range
  • Antenna Inputs: TNC 50 Ohm
  • Output Level: XLR Line +15dBm max. Mic -25dBm max. Unbal 1/4" jack socket +9dBm max
  • Rear Panel connections: RF input/output, AF XLR and ¼” Jack output, PC USB port, DC jack.
  • Antenna Phantom: 9V @ 60mA short circuit protected on each RF port
  • Bank Specification: 9 Banks x 12 Channels
  • Infra-Red Link: Range 15cm max
  • Computer Interface(USB): Monitoring of RF, AF and Transmitter Battery status
  • Power Consumption: 300mA @ 12Vdc nominal
  • Enclosure type: 19” 1U ½ width Rack.
    Specifications- S5.3LTX Beltpack Transmitter
  • Comes with HM-22 'Theatre' Headworn Mic.
  • Fully synthesised UHF transmitters with features including: Integral LCD, IR data link, Battery status indicator, Audio multistage attenuator.
  • Battery Life: 10Hrs Typical, AA Single cell.
  • Beltpack AF connector: 4 pin mini XLR.
  • Audio Input range: -20dbm - +7dBm
  • Microphone Bias Voltage: > 5V
  • RF Bandwidth: Antenna Type: ¼ Wave Whip.
  • Enclosure type: Full metal construction

    The Trantec S5.3 and S5.5 series of wireless microphones are capable of operating simultaneously, intermodulation free, on six frequencies in the licence exempt 863-865 MHz band. The frequencies are;

  • 863.075 MHz
  • 863.375 MHz
  • 863.800 MHz
  • 864.125 MHz
  • 864.625 MHz
  • 864.975 MHz
  • Manufacturer Trantec
    Diversity Operation True Diversity
    Dual or Single Operation Single System
    Wireless Band UHF Band
    Number of Channels 12