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Presonus Studiolive

Presonus Studiolive

Recording and Live Digital Mixers

Presonus are renowned for their ground-breaking studio interfaces. Any studio engineers worth his salt would have at least heard of Presonus. They have now entered the world of live audio with the Presonus Studiolive Digital Mixers. The beauty of this move is that they have bought all there studio brilliance to the Studiolive desks and actually made three mixing desks in one. The Presonus Studiolive desks and perfect as a standalone live mixer, equally at home as a studio desk and also designed to be a mix of the two for when you need a live mixer but want to record your live shows.

Presonus Studiolive – The Models

There are three models in the range. They start with the baby Studiolive 16.0.2 which is a superb compact digital mixer that offers 8 mono inputs and 4 stereo channels. The next step up is the Studiolive 16.4.2 which has 16 inputs, 6 auxiliary mixes & 4 subgroups. Finally the Studiolive 24.4.2 offers you 24 mic/line inputs.

Presonus Studiolive

Presonus Studiolive – Recording

All the Presonus Studiolive desks come equipped with built-in firewire interfaces which allow you to record all your desk channels simultaneously into your computer and it captures them and splits them out to separate channels which allows you to have complete control over your studio mix. All the systems come with ‘Studio One’ a complete recording program that allows you to make quality recordings.

Presonus Studiolive – The Fat Channel

The fat channel has been described as being the heart of the Presonus Studiolive digital mixer. By pressing select on any channel of the desk you get features such as high pass filters, compressors, limiters, gates, EQ and more. This makes controlling your inputs and outputs a doddle.

Presonus Fat Channel