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Channel 38 and Other UK Shared Licence Wireless Microphones

Channel 38 wireless microphones are designed for people moving from venue to venue. In 2012 there were be a big change for wireless microphone users. If you use your systems within the deregulated channel 70 band then you will not be affected. If you currently pay to use your systems within channel 69 you are no longer able to do this and it is now illegal.

Channel 38 is now a frequency band that was freed up for wireless microphone users. It is often called the shared licence frequency band. EAV Pro Audio offer channel 38 wireless microphones from all the leading radio mic manufacturers. Give us a call on 0845 125 9406 if you want to discuss your wireless microphone needs.

The recent channel 38 wireless microphone frequency changes effected most radio mic users in the UK. EAV Pro Audio are happy to discuss these with you and hold stock off a large range of channel 38 wireless microphones.

UPDATE as of Spring 2015 - The UK shared licence has had other frequencies added to it. Previously only channel 38 was covered under this licence however the following frequencies are now included under that licence

  • 606-614MHz – Channel 38
  • 826-832MHz – Parts of channel 65 & 66
  • 1785-1804.8MHz – 1.8GHz wireless mics

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