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JoeCo BBR1-D Blackbox Recorder - AES Connectors

Quick Overview

The JoeCo BBR1-D BLACKBOX RECORDER with Digital AES/EBU i/o adds the ability to capture your performance from a Digital Mixing Console with AES/EBU inputs and outputs.
JoeCo BBR1-D Blackbox Recorder
The BLACKBOX RECORDER with Digital AES/EBU i/o adds the ability to capture your performance from a Digital Mixing Console with AES/EBU inputs and outputs.

Three 25 way female D-type connectors, each carrying 8 channels of inputs and outputs, can be connected directly into your digital mixing console to capture and return the signals without any additional A-D conversion. All other features of the BLACKBOX RECORDER unit remain unchanged.

The AES/EBU interfaces can operate at up to 96kHz and conform to the AES standard (AES-3:2003). It is still possible to chain multiple BBR1-D units together to make larger multitrack recordings.

The BBR1-D BLACKBOX RECORDER has all the advantages of the standard BBR1 but in addition provides the option of Digital i/o utilising the common AES/EBU format. The front panel contains the familiar transport controls that every piece of recording kit contains so that basic operation can be very simply understood. This is important as the engineer's primary task during the performance has to be to concentrate on the live sound. Having plugged the unit into your console, the unit defaults to having all tracks armed and ready to record; just press record to begin the recording. Simplicity itself.

The LED meters show you the relative levels of each input so that you can make sure that you're not recording too "hot" (or too "cold") and can adjust the mic amps on the desk accordingly. Although there are only three LEDs on each channel, their brightness varies according to the level giving a much more accurate representation.

The main screen displays how long you've been recording and how much space you have left on the disk. The meters also have a sticky peak feature so that you can see how loud a recording has been and whether you have overloaded the inputs without having to study the unit while you're setting everything else up. There's even a keyboard input so that if you have time you can name every track and even every song to make life easier when you come to use the resultant recordings on your workstation to mix them.

In addition, there are 4 function buttons "Menu/Ok", "Loop", "Mark" and "Back" and a data entry / scrub wheel which control the more detailed settings of the unit and set markers for loop points so that you can loop round a particular bit of a sound check while you get the sound in the venue exactly right.

One very important feature of the BBR1 is that the inputs are normally looped directly to the outputs via relays in all modes except during playback. This provides an additional level of safety so that even if the power were to fail on the BBR, the audio through the PA will not be affected.

Inside the menu structure all the key variables can be modified: the sample rate, which tracks to arm when you press record, whether to use timecode, setting up the digital audio clocks, naming the recordings, setting your input and output levels, and setting up loop points.

By default, the unit enters "playback lockout" mode as soon as you enter record to make sure that you don't accidentally start playing back the soundcheck in the middle of the performance!


Analogue i/o
3 x 25 way Female D-type supplied with 3m looms to 1/4" stereo TRS jacks (for mixer insert points - tip send, ring return)

(Loop through outputs)
8 x 1/4" stereo TRS jack sockets (Ch 17-24 only: tip send, ring return). Only available in analogue i/o mode

Note: The BBR1-D is not supplied with digital or analogue cable looms. JoeCo or your local dealer will be able to supply you with the right cable looms for your installation.

Digital i/o
3 x 25way Male D-type connectors each providing 4 stereo channels of AES/EBU inputs and outputs

1 x 1/4" stereo TRS jack socket: Headphone output

Control and Synchronisation
1 x 1/4" TRS jack socket: Linear Time Code (LTC) Reader / Footswitch 1 x 5-pin DIN: MIDI Time code (MTC) and MIDI Machine Control (MMC) 1 x 9-pin Male D-type: SONY PII protocol 2 x RCA sockets: AES/SPDIF word clock reference input / communications to auxiliary units

Other Connectors
1 x USB2 (480Mb/s) interface to disk drive 1 x mini DIN: PS2 keyboard socket 1 x 2.5mm dc inlet (9Vdc power) - power adapter supplied

Sample Rates supported
44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz & 96kHz Digital i/o
12 x AES-3:2003

Analogue Inputs
levels: -10dB / +4dB switchable Max input level: +22dBU = 0dBFS A-D conversion: 24 bit, 96kHz 106dB S/N; 96dB THD+N (typical A-weighted 48kHz)

Analogue Outputs
levels: -10dB / +4dB switchable Max output level: +22dBU = 0dBFS D-A conversion: 24 bit / 96kHz 106dB S/N; 94dB THD+N (typical A-weighted 48kHz

Timecode Reader
Frame Rates: 24,25,29.97 drop and non-drop, 30 fps; Trigger only (no chase)

19" rack mountable - 1U high Dimensions: 425mm x 150mm x 44.4mm Weight: 2.1kg dc input: 7.5V - 15V Power consumption: Key Features

  • 12 stereo channels of AES/EBU inputs
  • 12 stereo channels of AES/EBU outputs
  • Analogue inputs are still available (switchable)
  • Unit must be genlocked to Digital Mixing Console
  • Manufacturer JoeCo