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What's Happening With Wireless Microphones In The Future?


*** New Wireless Microphone Frequency Checker on EAV. Want to know if your systems are safe to use or even legal to use now and in the future? Do you want to know what frequency should you be buying any new wireless microphones on? Well, check our FREE wireless frequency checker page***

Although the wireless microphone frequency changes have been talked about for the last two years throughout our industry, many users are still only just finding out about the new changes now. On January 1st 2013 the frequency bands of channel 61-69 became illegal for use with wireless microphones. This means anyone that usually tuned their systems between the frequencies of 790MHz-862MHz are now running them illegally. You will need to either retune them to channel 70 (if those frequencies are available) or look at replacing your wireless microphones with systems with channel 38 units, fixed site systems or 2.4GHz digital wireless microphones. EAV Pro Audio offer a FREE wireless microphone checker tool. Take a look and we will let you know whether you are safe to continue to use your systems or whether you need to replace them.

We are here to help and want to make sure you buy the best system on the right frequency band. If you are looking at multiple systems, give us a call and we can chat through your options. If youy are still finding this confusing, just call us on 0845 125 9409. You can also check out our range of compliant wireless microphone systems in our online store.


Channel 38 – What is it, is it for me  

Channel 38 systems or a channel 38 licence is designed primarily for people that are moving from venue to venue. It is a shared band and has taken over from the old 69 shared band. As it is a shared band, anyone is entitled to buy this licence and you can usually run up to 10 systems simultaneously. This license can be bought by schools, Churches, venues but please be advise that your next door neighbours are within their rights to buy a channel 38 licence also and you may end up clashing with frequencies. It is best bought by hire companies, gigging musicians and anyone else that tours in different venues.


Fixed Site Licence Systems –

 A fixed site licence is a set of frequencies on the UHF band that only you are allowed to use in your building. Essentially you buy a single frequency or a whole band and they cannot be used by anyone else in your area. Like all the licences, you obtain this through www.jfmg.co.uk This is the safest licence to obtain for churches, schools & venues that only use their systems in one place.


2.4GHz Digital Wireless Systems – What is this and do I need a licence

 2.4GHz wireless microphones are a relatively new product and for us, Line 6 are leading the way. These systems work on the WIFI 2.4GHz band and are not affected by the wireless frequency changes and what is more, they are licence free across the world. Many people prefer the sound of these systems as they don’t have the compression that UHF system have. Take a look at our 2.4GHz Line 6 Systems section.


Channel 70 Wireless Microphones – Are they safe past 2012 and can you still run them


Is channel 70 safe to continue to use wireless microphones on? That’s a question that is currently doing the rounds with wireless mic users. Hopefully the information below will help clear a few things up for you.

Channel 70, the free to use wireless frequency band, has been the last lifeline for radio mic users that don’t want to replace their wireless microphones with channel 38 or fixed site systems. Ever since the news broke about the selling off of 61-69 and the relocation of the shared band to channel 38, it has been the understanding that channel 70 will remain for wireless microphone users and will be unaffected by the changes. Channel 70 has always been a small free to use band that allowed users to run up to four systems running simultaneously.

Now most of this information is still true, channel 70 will remain and you will still be able to run four systems on this band for free. The problem is, the mobile 4G networks that are coming in to channels 61-69 in 2013 could potentially cause issues and interfere with the channel 70 frequencies. We have spoken with many of the leading wireless microphone manufacturers and they are all in agreement that problems could happen. Unfortunately we or anyone else can’t say for certain just what will happen until the networks are launched at some point in 2013. We also must be mindful that many users that previously tuned within channel 69 will be retuning their systems to channel 70 and the band will become very crowded due to its small size (863-865MHz).

EAV Pro Audio are still supplying channel 70 systems as they are useable and some customers are prepared to take their chances running these systems with the 4G networks so close. We feel we must advise that users truly consider whether a channel 38 (designed for people moving from venue to venue) or a fixed site licence (for those using systems in one building only) would be a better option for them before making their purchase. Obviously we cannot be held responsible for any inference caused by the 4G networks and most wireless manufacturers do not offer a retuning option.


I Have VHF Systems, Are they still safe?

In a nutshell, Yes. The VHF band is staying but please be advised that 99% of the VHF systems do not produce the same quality and clarity as a 2.4GHz or UHF system. Many of our manufacturers are no longer producing VHF systems because of this. If you want to discuss upgrading then give us a call.


Feel free to call us on 0845 125 9409 or email us atsales@e-av.co.uk to discuss your wireless microphone needs. We offer systems that run on almost all the available frequency bands and also offer 2.4GHz systems that are licence free across the world and are completely unaffected by the frequency changes.