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EAV Vocal Recording Package

Quick Overview

EAV Vocal Recording Package
The EAV vocal recording package has been put together to give you the best budget option for recording vocals for either singers, voice over artists or podcasters.
This package is centred around the Blue Bluebird condenser microphone. Without doubt one of the best and most usable microphones in it's price range. Delivering clear and crisp vocal sounds for any kind of application.

There's also the LD Systems RF1 reflection filter. Helping to isolate your microphone from those annoying reflections in an untreated room. This will help make your vocal recordings clearer and more usable.
We've also included a premium OnStage studio stand, this stand is sturdy and wont droop on you mid way through the perfect take.
Finally we'll include a high quality 10m Van Damme cable to give you the best signal to your preamp or interface.