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EAV Monitor Accessory Pack

Quick Overview

EAV monitor accessory pack.
Our monitor accessory pack includes everything you need to optimise your home studio monitor system and get the best sound you can.
Your monitors are one of the most important parts of your studio and getting the best position and sound from them is important to your recording and mix.

Our accessory pack includes:

JBL Nano Patch: A simple and incredibly handy monitor volume controller. With passive electronics this device can sit wherever you want it and give you fast and easy control over volume and mute.

Adam Hall isolation Pads: A cheap and simple way to enhance the sound of your monitors. Reducing energy lost to the surface that your monitors sit on and reducing vibration that can colour the sound.

OnStage Monitor Stands: Fully height-adjustable and sturdy. Great stands that will allow you to get the perfect monitor position without taking up valuable desk space.

Connecting Cables: Cables to connect from the JBL Nano Patch to your studio monitors.