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Wharfedale Pro Release the Isoline Compact PA System

Wharfedale Pro are the latest pro audio supplier to bring to market a sub and column speaker combo with their new Isoline range. Following in the footsteps of the Bose L1 series, the HK Elements and the LD Systems Maui to name but a few, the Isoline joins the ranks of these compact column PA systems.


The Isoline currently has two models in the range. The Isoline 410 kicks out 380w rms and consists of 4 x 3” high/mid drivers in the column unit and a 10 long throw sub at the bottom. The larger Isoline 812 model has 8 x 3” high/mid drivers and a 12” long throw that together kick out 500w rms. Both are lightweight and feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity which is a nice bonus and not found on most of its competition.

For us at EAV, we see the LD Systems Maui range as its main competition. Whilst the Bose and HK audio systems products are similar their price points are well above the Isoline and Maui range. Both Wharfedale and LD Systems offer affordable products that punch well above their price range and we are excited to see where this new Isoline is going.

We can see these systems being great for mobile DJs, solo/duo musicians and event work. It’s possible the larger Isoline 812 could be a great lightweight solutions for a band if you double up however, I wouldn’t recommend kick drums or even bass guitars going through the system without a diligent eye on the levels. At the time of typing this we havnt had chance to play with the Isoline systems yet however, if they continue the traditions of Wharfedales Value for money philosophy, we are sure they will be a big hit.

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