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  • 75% of wireless system users unaware of 2013 law change

    On 1 January 2013 a line-in-the-sand is being drawn for the legal use of many wireless microphone systems widely used in churches, schools, pubs and clubs across the UK. According to national specialist retailer and installer EAV Pro Audio, up to 75% of users may be unaware of an impending change in the law, which could directly affect them. Following the ‘digital switchover’ this year, some of the radio frequencies currently used by wireless microphones are being re-allocated to allow the broadcast of Freeview television signals and new 4G mobile technologies. The knock-on effect is that many wireless microphones legally in use today will conflict with these signals and will therefore be outlawed come the New Year deadline. EAV managing director, Glyn Chapman said, “We’re shocked by just how little awareness there is amongst users about the upcoming changes in the law.” He went on to say, “in our experience, up to three quarters of users don’t understand the changes, let alone know if their equipment will be compliant come 2013.” Not all equipment will be affected by the changes, but the technicalities can be complicated by the number of microphones in use, the location and frequency settings currently in use. EAV urge all wireless users to seek professional advice if they haven’t already. Talking about how people can check their compliance with the law, Glyn said, “we urge people to use our online equipment checker or call us for free advice if they are concerned - we’re always happy to help demystify the complexities of the technology!” Wireless microphone users can check their compliance by using the special free tool or by calling 0845 125 9409 and talking to one of EAV’s specialists, again free of charge.

  • Roland V-Mixer Packages - M480 and M300 Special Deals

    The Roland M480 Digital Mixing console and its baby brother, the M300, are truly professional mixing consoles. The V-Mixers are used by many big hire companies, the BBC, theatres & schools across the UK. The reason these desks are so popular is that they are not only a mixer, they are the heart of a complete digital solution that includes Cat5 digital snakes, Digital stage boxes, personal mixing units & multi-channel recording solutions. Traditionally you would buy the all these bits separately however, Roland have now put together some package deals that enable you to save a bit of cash. Below are the deals that are available;

    Roland M480-PM8
    Roland M300-DIS
    Roland M300-BASPM5
    Roland M300-STD
    Roland M300-STDR
    Roland M480-STDPM5
    Roland M480-STDR
    Roland M480-EXP
    Roland M480-EXPR
    Roland M480-DISR
    Roland M480-EXPRPM5

    If you wish to know a little more about the M480 Mixing Desk, check this video below


    Here is a video on the Roland M300 Digital Mixer

  • Line 6 Digital Wireless Microphones on 2.4GHz Ready to Go on EAV

    We are happy to announce the arrival of the Line 6 Digital 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone Systems on to the EAV Pro Audio website. We have the full range of the V35, V55 and V75 2.4GHz wireless systems and are very excited by the technology we see before. Line 6 make amazing guitar amplifiers however, many people don’t realise they also make wireless microphone. What’s more, they use the same type of modelling technology that they use in their amps in the wireless mics.

    What makes 2.4GHz systems great is the fact they are licence free to use worldwide. The Line 6 digital wireless microphones do not run on the UHF frequency band which mean they are unaffected by the wireless frequency changes that are currently happening. Basic they are future proof and ready to roll.

    Starting with entry level XD-V35 series, we have the V35HH handheld microphone system and the V35L lapel system. Basically, this is a 6 channel system meaning you can run 6 systems simultaneously. Take a look at this video for the full specs

    Next up we have the extremely good value for money XS-V55 system that consists of the V55HH handheld system, the V55L lapel system and finally a V55HS headset system. You can run up to 12 of the XD-V55 systems simultaneously. Here is a brief video on the range.

    Finally we have the big guns, the XD-V75 series that allow up to 14 system to run together and is suitable for almost any gig/ These high quality systems offer you clear sound and many features and still come under the price point of most of their competitors. The range consists of the V75 HH handheld system, the V75L lapel system, the V75HS headset systems and finally a standard V75TR system which just comes with a receiver and bodypack and allows you to use your current headsets and lapels with it. Here is a video on the range

    We think the Line 6 2.4GHz digital wireless systems will be very popular on EAV Pro Audio. Please give us a call or drop us an email if you wish to talk about your wireless microphone setup.

  • LD System DAVE G3 PA Systems - New Generation Dave 10, 12 and 15

    LD Systems are one of those brands that make some extremely interesting products at prices that wont break your bank. They make the MEI1000X IEM monitor systems that has many features that are only found in systems well above its price range. The MAUI systems offer a lovely column style PA speaker system that is perfect for small venues. They also make the DAVE portable PA systems which is what we are talking about here. The DAVE portable PA systems are now on their third generation and they have been improved each time to make a system fit for many different situations.

    Each LD Systems DAVE G3 consists of an active sub woofer and two mid/high speakers that are powered from the subs. The LD Systems DAVE 10 G3 is the smallest of the lot with its 10 inch sub speaker and 5.25 inch tops. The sub speaker kicks out 150w of continuous power and the two tops each pump out 100w. This system is great for solo performers or even as a great sounding powerful music playback system at a party. Take a look at the video below.

    Next up we have the extremely popular LD Systems DAVE 12 G3 system. It was the G1 & G2 incarnations of this DAVE12 that got most people excited. Obviously the sub is a 12 inch unit and it kicks out 300w and the top speakers are 6.5 inch that are rated at 120w per speaker. The DAVE12 basically offers you are completely portable system that can be carried by a single person and at 540w, it gives you the power to fill room.

    The final system in the LD Systems DAVE G3 range is the 15 inch monster. This LD Systems DAVE 15 G3 system pumps out 400w from its 15 inch sub speaker and 150w from each of the tops.

    EAV Pro Audio are one of only a number of suppliers that are considered main LD Systems dealers and we should be able to offer you the best prices. If you want to discuss your PA needs or buy a LD Systems DAVE G3 unit, give us a call on 0845 125 9409.

  • Have Your Say

    EAV are always trying to make sure you feel that spending your money with EAV (over our competitors) is the right thing to do. There are now many companies online that are fighting to sell you your audio products and we need you will get a proper level of service with EAV Pro Audio. For this reason, EAV Pro Audio has teamed up with TrustPilot and is asking previous customers to review our service for everyone else to see.

    Whether you are spending £5 on an XLR cable or £1000’s of pounds on a complete wireless microphone system. Your order counts to us and we want you to feel that EAV are the company that can help. Very soon we shall be displaying our reviews directly on our website for everyone to see. They will also show up in Google results so we can’t hide. If we do something wrong, you can have your say and make sure everyone else knows.

  • Sennheiser 4-Way XSW Racked Up Wireless System is Ready

    The Sennheiser XSW 4-Way Racked and Ready wireless microphone system is the latest racked up system to be added to the EAV site. EAV Pro Audio have been supplying you with great Racked & Ready deals for some time now and with the exception of the Trantec systems, we have been building them ourselves, testing them and delivering them ready to use.

    The XSW range of wireless systems are Sennheisers new entry level system. The beauty of this gear is that it offers quality at a decent price. The problem most people have had with Sennheiser wireless systems in the past was simply the price. The EW100 series are close to £500 a system whereas the new XSW wireless systems are prices from around £299 per system.

    Our XSW 4-way racked system offers you the choice of the 5 transmitters, a choice of which frequency nad to buy on and also a choice of whether you want the kits racked up with the GAM2 rack kit (includes splitters) or simply with the GAM3 rack kit. Basically, this wireless microphone rack is fully customisable as we built it to order.

    It usually takes between 4-10 working days to deliver any of the racks we build. If you want to discuss your wireless microphone need. Just give us a call.

  • db Technologies Cromo Plus Active PA Speakers

    The last two blogs have been about new dB Technologies speakers that we have added to our website, Well guess what . . . So is this one. We have now added the new Cromo range of Active PA speakers by dB Technologies. The Cromo speakers truly represent a balance between quality and price. They sit below the Opera range and the Flexsys range in the pecking order however, they offer many of the features that make those speakers so special.

    dB Technologies Cromo Plus Active PA Speakers The dB Technologies Cromo series consists of 2-way active speakers and like many of dB Technologies speakers, they have an 8, 10, 12 & 15 inch version. Like the Opera speakers these units have Class D Digipack digital amplifiers that were designed for their high end DVA speakers. These amps make the speakers lightweight and include a built-in limiter. The speakers also have built-in DSP, multifunctional design, asymmetrical horns and much more. To see the full specs, just check out the product pages in the links below

    Our range of dB Technologies PA Speakers has grown massively in the last week and we can offer amazing prices on their whole range. If you want a dB product that isn’t on our website or want info on something that is, just call or email us and we will be happy to help. We work closely with DB Technologies and if we can’t answer a question, we will get someone from dB to answer it for you.

  • dB Technologies Release Two New Active Subs - 808 & 28D

    Db Technologies have been busy lately releasing new products in to the audio world. Here at EAV Pro Audio HQ, we have always been fans of dB technologies Speakers and were sad to see the old Opera range leave us last week. However, they were replaced with the new Opera DX and we have received a lot of interest regarding these new active PA speakers. Anyway, we reported thas last week, this week we are happy to announce the coming (and now live on our website) of two new dB Technologies active subwoofers.

    The first is the compact and portable dB Technologies Sub 28D. This unit comes complete with a class D amplifier and delivers 400w. It also has built-in DSP, a digital active X-over and a dual active limiter. It sends it sound out of two eight inch sub drivers and is a great for reinforcing the bottom end of small PA system. All of this weighs less than 20Kg.

    New up is the 18 inch beast of a sub, the db Technologies 808. Again it is an active subwoofer which dB Technologies seem to excel at. This unit delivers 800w from its Class D amplifier and is the perfect choice for adding to your 12 inch or 15 inch satellites. With a multitude of ins and outs, a cross over, limiter and DSP, the Sub 808 is monster of a sub. It may not be extremely portable at 34.8kg however, it is lighter than most 18 inch sub speakers we know of.

    dB Technologies speakers are a great choice for people needing a quality PA speaker that won’t break you bank. They have a range to suit most people’s needs, from the budget Cromo series, to the line array systems. We have been dB Technologies main dealers for a number of years now and we can count on one hand the amount of times we have had to send one of their products back for repair. Give us a call or drop us an email if you want to talk about your PA system’s needs.

  • dB Technologies Release New Opera Active PA Speakers

    EAV Pro Audio are happy to announce the arrival of the new dB Technologies Opera range of Active PA speakers. The Old 200, 400 and 600 series were discontinued as of last month and the brand new 500, 700 and 900 series of Opera Speakers are coming in to stock now. A little information is below however, take a look at the complete range here

    Starting with the Opera 500 DX series we have the db Technologies Opera 508DX which is the smallest of whole range as this is the only 8 inch speaker. Next we have the Opera 510 DX which has a 10 woofer, the 512 DX boosts a 12 inch woofer speaker and finally the range is completed with the 15 inch woofer of the Opera 515 DX. The 500 series are all equipped with digipro® Class-D power amp technology which packs huge performance and operating efficiency into a lightweight solution that leaves a very small footprint. At 500w, this range will is perfect for small venues or medium sized venues with an added sub. This range also comes equipped with a powerful DSP system. This Serves as an active crossover and also a controller. Basically it splits and limits the signal and aligns phases and delay times.

    Next up we have the Opera 700 DX system that starts with the dB Technologies Opera 710DX, then the Opera 712 DX and finally the 15 inch Opera 715 DX. The 700 series offers all the same features as the 500 series but offers a huge 700w from its Class D amp. Next up is the Opera 900 series which has the dB Technologies Opera 910 DX as its 10 inch woofer model, the Opera 912 DX follows that and like the previous ranges it ends with a 15 inch woofer speaker called the, yep you guessed it, the dB Technologies Opera 915 DX Active PA Speaker. Again, like the 500 and 700 the specs are similar but this time you get a massive 900w from these monsters.

    All the Opera ranges are lightweight thanks to the Class D amp and they all come in a bi functional cabinet meaning they can be used as FOH speakers or as stage monitors. They truly are portable and versatile speakers. They all come equipped with switch-mode power supplies and they all sport unique type of limiter to help protect the speakers. One limiter is located at the analogue level and one at the digital.

    EAV Can offer the full range of Opera speakers and are dB Technology main dealers in the UK. Give us a call on 0845 125 9409 or email us to discuss your needs.

  • Budget Wireless Microphone Systems For Schools and Education

    EAV Pro Audio have been supplying wireless microphone systems to Schools and other educational establishments for over ten years. We understand that 99% of schools don’t have a massive budget for their audio requirements, yet still require a large amount of professional sounding gear for that tiny budget. When it comes to wireless microphone systems you can easily pay £500 plus for a quality unit and when you have a school production needing 12 radio mics, this can cripple even biggest of budgets. Not only that, kids will have accidents (as well as adults, looking at the teachers here) and replacing microphones/lapels/headsets for these types of systems can cost an awful lot therefore, a top of the range expensive radio microphone may not be the most economical choice.

    If it’s just a single wireless microphone system is required, we have professional entry level systems that come in at around £100 pounds per unit. These systems are perfect for when purse strings are very tight. All of our major manufacturers like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Trantec, Shure and AKG offer systems at this level and you have the selection of handheld, lapel, headset and even instrument systems. Give us a call on 0845 125 9406 or email us at sales@e-av.co.uk and we can recommend which system would suit your school best. To view a selection of our systems, take a look at our wireless microphone page.

    Budget Wireless system for schools

    If it’s multiple wireless microphones you require to cope with large school productions, we have a great range of racked and ready wireless microphones that offer you multiple radio mics that are racked up in a quality flightcase with antennae distribution and all you need to do is plug them in to your mixing desk and you are ready. From 4-way racks up to 12-way systems, we have something that will allow your school to become fully wireless. Trantec pioneered this racked format and are still our biggest selling racked N Ready wireless microphone supplier. They do three different racks ranging from their entry level systems to their theatre professional units. These are all built by Trantec on our behalf and then we ship them directly to you. If you want to look at another manufacturer of racked up wireless mics then we actually build Audio Technica, Shure and Sennheiser systems in-house and ship them fully tested. We do a variety of ranges that cover most budgets. Again, if you need some advice on which systems will do the job for you, just call or email us. Our website shows the different systems that are available so check out our Racked and Ready Wireless Microphone page.

    Schools Racked up Wireless Mics

    Providing budget wireless microphones for schools shouldn’t just be about giving them an unbranded pile of rubbish to save a few pounds. We can help your school get the most out of your money and feel secure that you have spent it on a wireless microphone system that will last and provide a quality that is needed. As with all schools and education establishments, once you decide you would like to place an order, we will be happy to invoice you providing an official purchase order is sent over.

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