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  • DV247 Closure and rebirth backlash – Customers and Peers Vent online

    As many of you may now have heard White Rabbit Records, The owners of Digital Village have folded and Digital Village, Dig Vig, or DV247 have been taken over by a new company (DV247 LTD) who are owned by Music Store director Michael Sauer. Seven of the eight Digital Village stores have been closed and according to a statement from Digital Village's administrators, 31 employees have been made redundant. Since this was all announced last Friday, there has been a massive backlash from people within the industry and customers about the way everything has been handled regarding one company folding and another strangely rising within hours. One blog in particular from within the industry (The Eccentric blog) has accused Digital Village and their owners as doing a “prepack Administration”. The blog goes on to critise the morals of the head figures at Digital Village for continuing to buy in stock from suppliers and making staff work when they knew they would unable to pay them once the company folded. We can’t comment on whether this is true but it is really stirring things up online. Digital Village themselves have issued a statement which answers many points raised on this blog and that can be found on their main website. Loyal customers to Digital village have been split with their opinions and many have taken to the Dig Vig website and commented. Below are few picked from the site “So DV becomes another faceless, soulless online catalogue” “… I think you will find it very hard to regain the trust of thousands of loyal customers” “It's Thomann 2“ On 14th May, the MIA issued a statement and it seems they are questioning the whole DV247 deal. The full statement reads “This is a bad day for UK MI. There is no pleasure to be taken in the falling of what was our largest UK retailer. There are many, many staff today without a job who have given years of loyal service to the industry and I would encourage any of them to send me their CV’s so that we can act as a resource centre for the industry. We did this with Sound Control and managed to bring affected staff together with employers. Aside from the tragedy of the staff, there is, naturally, the wider issue of what this means to UK MI. The many millions that DV brought to the UK economy and industry in terms of sales would now appear to have gone offshore. Our first priority is to ensure that the due diligence applied by Grant Thornton under SIP 16 has been correctly discharged. This Code of Conduct is there to ensure that the sale of the business was achieved in the best interests of both Digital Village AND the creditors. The MIA legal team looks forward to viewing the SIP 16 report that Grant Thornton will shortly publish, accordingly. There may well be good reasons highlighted in this report, but it is a huge shame that, as far as we are aware, no UK retailers or suppliers were given the opportunity to make a counter bid for the business in order to keep it UK-owned” It’s clear that there is some smoke around regarding the way things were handled and Digital Village may well suffer from many customers losing trust in them if nothing else. We shall keep you updated of anything else we find out.

  • Digital Village has been sold and Seven Stores Close

    Digital Village, or DV247 as many of you know them, have been sold to a German firm. The news broke over the weekend and it comes as no surprise to many of us smaller dealers who have heard rumours of happenings for quite some time now. Digital Village are probably the biggest audio dealers in the UK and according to Audio Pro International, seven of its current high street stores will close. This basically leaves only the Romford Digital Village Store open. White Rabbit Records, who previously owned Digital Village has folded and a new company, DV247 Ltd has emerged. This new company is owned by Music Store director Michael Sauer. Audio Pro International have reported the following statement from DV's director John Da Costa that was leaked from a letter to their sister company, MI Pro “We started to come under pressure from the bank to reduce our borrowings, which led to us putting our freehold branches up for sale. We then had no option but to put the business up for sale or attract outside investment. Initially, we hoped this could be done through a solvent process so that we could gradually restructure, but unfortunately this has proved impossible, mainly because of the potential cost of exiting the third party logistics contract. A large German music retailer, Music Store, finally emerged as our best option. After due consideration, it was felt that White Rabbit Records Ltd should go through a 'pre pack' insolvency process in order to drop the crippling expenses that have brought the company down” The list of the stores Digital Village are closing is Barnet, Clapham, Acton, Bristol, Southampton, Birmingham and Cambridge. The website is still up and is reporting on the events as a good thing for Digital Village. I guess only time will tell if this is a good thing for the company however, with John Da Costa appointed as the other director (with Sauer) it is clear they intend to fight to keep Digital Village alive.

  • Soundcraft Expression SI Digital Mixer range now available

    The team at EAV are pleased to announce the arrival of the Soundcraft Expression SI digital mixing desks. The Expression SI have been designed with affordability in mind without compromising on the features that attract people to digital desks in the first place.

    The range consists of the baby Soundcraft Expression SI 1 which is a 16 channel mixer. The expression SI 2 comes next with 24 channels and finally the big Expression SI 3 tops the scales with a massive 32 channels. With all three models available now, you really have a great choice to get the mixer that is right for your stage.

    Soundcraft Expression SI range

    It’s no accident the Expression SI range has come out just after the release of the Behringer X32 mixing desk. Soundcraft obviously want a slice of the digital market at this price point and who can blame them after the stir the X32 created before and on its arrival. We predict that having a Soundcraft badge on a digital mixing desk at this price will be very attractive and the Expression SI range will become a massive player during 2013

    Along with the mixer, a new range of Cat 5 stageboxes are about to be made available. The nicely named Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 16 and it’s bigger brother the Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 32 will connect to the mixers via a MADI Option expansion card and will give 16 ins and 8 outs from the Mini 16 and 32 ins and 16 outs from the Mini 32 – Hardly mini if you ask us. It’s great to finally be able to get rid of the large and heavy multicores at this price range.

    The whole range of Soundcraft Expression SI mixers are shipping now and Mini Stagebox 16 and 32 will be landing around May time. EAV are happy to help if you have any questions regarding the mixers and look forward to hearing some feedback from our customers regarding the mixers.

  • Mobile Broadband 4G Auction Winners Announced

    It’s all over the news and the web today about the winners of the 4G mobile broadband auction. Obviously for wireless microphone users, the auctioning of the 800MHz band to Mobile 4G is what has caused 1000’s of you to have to buy new wireless microphones. For many, it has meant digging deep in to their pockets during a recession and really was an expense they could have done without at these hard times.

    Ofcom has raised £2.34bn from the auction however, the forecast was £3.5bn. This must have been a disappointment especially when you consider they raised £22bn back in 2000 when they auctioned for the 3G networks. The chief executive of Ofcom, Ed Richards is quoted on the BBC website as saying “we are in very, very different times”.

    Everything Everywhere; Hutchison 3G UK; Niche Spectrum Ventures, a BT subsidiary; Telefonica (O2); and Vodafone were the winners of the auction and I expect we shall see them rolling out their services sooner rather than later.

    For those Wireless microphone users that are still holding on to their channel 61-69 systems, remember you are now operating illegally and once these companies unleash their 4G services, you will be unable to use your systems without constant risk of problems. We at EAV can offer advice on which systems or licences are best for you. If you are unsure on whether your systems are legal or not, use our wireless microphone frequency checker tool and we will come straight back to you. We have a massive range of channel 38, fixed site frequency systems and digital wireless microphones. Feel free to drop us a line to discuss which systems are best for you.

    Figures and quotes taken from the BBC website

  • Yamaha Stagepas 600i and 400i loaded with features

    The Yamaha Stagepas range has been a very successful range for us at EAV. Mainly because we are happy to put our names to quality of the system compared to many of the other systems that are in competition. In fact, I myself own the older (yet still current) Stagepas 500 system and use it regularly when gigging with my acoustic group. It has never let me down yet and fills a pub with sound nicely. We were visited by our Yamaha rep last week and he showed us the new Yamaha Stagepas 600i portable PA and the Stagepas 400i. Both carry on the tradition of being extremely portable due to the fact the mixer fits nicely in the back of the one of the speakers and the cables in the other. What’s great about these systems are the new added features;

    The video below shows the features of the Stagepas 600i nicely

    Here’s a great little video on the baby Yamaha Stagepas 400i

    Basically, you can see that Yamaha have moved with the times with these systems and bought the new Stagepas 600i and 400i up to date with some lovely new features and also boosted the wattage output. We have hit the ground running with these Stagepas systems and they are now in stock at EAV pro audio and ready to ship. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding these systems or any other aspect of your audio needs.

  • Line 6 and Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Rack Building

    It’s been a fun week of wireless microphone rack building here at EAV HQ. First off we had a 10-way Sennheiser EW300 G3 wireless Microphone series rack that had full antennae distributions, five handheld receivers and five beltpacks with lapels. The Sennheiser racks are a pleasure to build and everything connects up logically and easily. Once the rack was built we did a full test and as per usual, the Sennheiser gear worked perfectly. We had a coffee, admired our work and started on rack number two.

    Sennheiser EW300 Rack

    Next up was a line 6 rack of 12 systems with antennae distribution. Line 6 are relatively new to us and we have only been dealers for a couple of months. In that short time we have hit the ground running with our Line 6 Wireless Microphones and sold loads however, this was the first rack we had the pleasure of putting together ourselves. I got to admit, I was a little excited to build this and fully test it myself.

    The build was quick and everything came in the boxes. The rack kits were different than anything I had used before and were a little tight in the fitting but apart from that, it was a smooth build. The antennae distribution amp connects up to 8 systems together which meant that I had to use the handy ‘Loop Through’ feature on the back of four of the V75 receivers to allow all 12 systems to run off a single pair of paddle antennae. By doing this the remaining four systems do need their own power supplies however, it is a much cheaper options than having to buy another antennae distribution system.

    Line 6 Rack building

    After the system was racked, we turned it on and it was plain to see that the units were picking up WIFI on the RF display on at least 8 of the 12 systems. Now this may seem scary however, these systems are designed to work with WIFI (as it is everywhere). They have advanced audio protection called Encoded DCL (Digital Channel Lock) which distinguishes the X75 digital audio from third party signals such as WIFI. We put this to the test and it worked perfectly. As a customer, we pass on the same advice that Line 6 gave to us which is have your antennae at least 3m from your main WIFI hub and like all systems, Digital or analogue, keep line of sight. By using external Paddle antennae, you can mount these in your desired location to ensure that line of 6 is happening.

    Line 6 Complete Wireless Rack /> All in all, it was a busy week of rack building and testing and we can safely put our name to the Line 6 Digital Wireless microphone systems like we do to the Sennheiser Racked systems. To view our complete range of Racked and Ready Wireless Microphones, click the link.

  • More Line 6 Pro Audio Products Online

    Our line 6 range of digital products has grown a little more today with the arrival of their SoundSource L3 range of speakers. These are truly versatile speakers that are very powerful. Here is a video on the L3T & L3M Slave speaker below which will explain the features much better than I can.

    Check out the Soundsource L3T Speaker and the SoundSource L3M speaker for some great prices on our site. Finally in the range is the Line 6 Soundsource L3S Active subwoofer speaker which compliments the top speakers perfectly. With two subs and two tops you have a massive 5200w of power which is pretty huge.

    We have also added the amazing Soundscape M20D Digital mixer which can be used on its own with your current PA system or you can use it with the Soundsource L3 speakers for a complete Line 6 package. Again, here is a video for the M20D features

    EAV Pro Audio are proud dealers of Line 6 and love their 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Microphones. We have also added to this range with the Line 6 Relay wireless Instrument systems. The range consists of the Line 6 Relay G30 and then the Relay G50 and finally the rack mounted Relay G90 Wireless systems.

    Feel free to call EAV Pro Audio if you want to discuss any Line 6 products on 0845 125 9409

  • A Day with Line 6 - Digital Wireless Mics, Mixer and Speakers

    At the end of last week we had the pleasure of meeting two members of the UK Line 6 team as they came to visit us at our offices. We opened up an account with Line 6 only two months back and have already hit the ground running with their wireless microphone systems despite not really getting to use the products first. We at EAV pride ourselves on our product knowledge and always like to try as many products out before we sell them as possible. This meeting was our chance to see, hear and touch not only the Line 6 Wireless Microphones but also their range of PA speakers and the rather amazing Digital Mixer.

    After pleasantries, business talk and coffee we went down to our rather cold warehouse and set up the XD-V75 Wireless Microphone system along with its smaller siblings, the XD-V55 and the XD-V35. It was the V75 I was interested in as this is the system we are really promoting to our customers due to the professional features. One worry people have with these 2.4GHz systems is that it runs on the same frequencies as WIFI and everyone now has or lives close to people using WIFI. Line 6 had assured me they understand that WIFI is everywhere and that the systems are designed to run alongside it, but naturally I wanted to prove this myself. We did a scan (using the handy scanning feature in the V75 receiver) and found that WIFI was present on 6 of the 12 channels in the receiver. I tuned the V75 handheld microphone in to a channel that clearly had WIFI on it and of we went through our offices up the stairs and into another room and the unit didn’t drop out or have interference of any kind once. We decided after that we wanted to check how far we could go before dropout and what obstacles would cause it. We managed to get 60 yards outside the building with a metal shutter and 5 cars between the mic and receiver before we had drop out. The Line 6 chaps assured us that this would be much further if we had clear line of site between the mic and receiver and didn’t have a metal shutter and 5 cars in the way which lets be honest, most venues don’t have inside. We then went through the different modellings on the microphones which includes EV ND767, Sennheiser e835, e935, Shure SM58, Beta 58 and more and they sounded pretty spot on to me.

    V75 Lapel All in all, this demo reinforced my feelings that these Line 6 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Microphones are fantastic product and I can now recommend them with complete confidence. The added bonus of it being Licence free in the UK and worldwide can’t help either :)

    A couple more coffees later we set up the Line 6 L3T and L3M speakers and pumped some tunes through along with a little acoustic guitar from yours truly and I must admit they had a great sound. Great bass and very nice clarity in the highs and mids. They are a little on the pricey side but if you look at the specs and features on our website you will see that they are worth the money. Basically, due to the in-built Line 6 Modelling, you tell the speaker whether it is a front of house speaker, monitor wedge, onstage guitar amp, keyboard amp, acoustic amp to name but a few. It really is the most versatile speaker I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see or hear the subs in this range but I imagine they are similar in quality to the tops. Each sub is rated at 1200w and the tops at 1400w each which means a four box system would pack 5200w. This is pretty huge and will fill some quite sizable venues.

    Finally we got to look and play with the Line 6 Stagescape M20D Digital mixer and all my Christmases came at once. This little beauty is a compact 12 mic input mixer (with more balanced Jack inputs) that is designed with absolute ease of use in mind. To me I felt it was designed for the gigging musicians rather than sound engineers. Everything was so easy and clear that you really could jump on this out of the box. It redesigns mixing, recording live (multi-track), and sound checking with its user friendly and unique interface however, if you want your familiar displays, you can get that also. To be honest, your best bet is to watch the Line 6 videos on this to really get what I mean. My only criticism about this desk is that there should be a 20 channel version also for larger bands and events however, if you can get away with the 12 mic inputs, four additional line input, extra stereo line inputs and two digital streaming inputs then this is a stunning bit of kit. Currently there are no plans for a bigger model . Finally, with a USB WIFI adaptor (not supplied) you can control your mix from an iPad. This allows you to put your desk wherever you wish and move around the venue and have complete control with your iPad.

    It was great morning of viewing and trying products and we can safely say that EAV Pro Audio are now proud to be Line 6 dealers in the UK. To see our full range of Line 6 products visit our Line 6 page here.

    Jonathan, EAV Sales

  • Audio Technica 2000a Racked Wireless System - Channel 38 and Ready

    Audio Technica have finally joined in the fight of the ‘Racked & Ready Wireless Microphone Battle’. Their new Audio Technica 2000a Racked-Up 4-Way Wireless Mic System inc Bag is the latest addition to our website and our Racked up radio mic page.

    This Audio Technica 2000a Racked-Up 4-Way Wireless Mic System inc Bag is made by Audio Technica in their UK offices and shipped completely racked and ready to go. The package consists of four complete 2000a series radio mics, an antennae distribution amp all racked up in a 4U UK made flight case. The system also comes with a bag for carrying your transmitter microphones in.

    2000a Racked There are three options to consider when buying this 2000a rack. The first is the 2410aP rack which comes with two lapel systems and two handheld systems. The second is the 2420a system which comes with all handheld systems and finally the 2421aP which comes with all lapel systems. We have also added an option for a remote antennae kit which consists of a pair of paddle antennaes, two 8m antennae cables and a pair of mic stands. The paddle antennae offer a better range for RF pick-up and with the cables you can install these antennae to a wall or on the supplied mic stands. This makes a perfect option for installations in Churches or Schools. This system is currently only available to buy in the shared band of channel 38 which requires a licence to use legally.

    Currently this is Audio Technica’s first foray in to the racked up wireless microphone world however, EAV have been and will continue to build Audio Technica racks for quite some time now. We even have a 2000a series rack that we build in-house and although it doesn’t come with the bag, you can add a 2U shallow rack draw which is lockable. You also have complete control over the different variations of transmitter microphones. You also can choose different frequency bands of operation and the paddle antennae are included. It comes in the exact same professional wooden flightcase and is delivered built, tested and labelled (if required). This option is also available in the Audio Technica 3000 series wireless microphones.

    EAV have been leading the field with racked wireless microphones and offer solutions from Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, Trantec, and recently added the 2.4GHz Line 6 Digital Wireless Microphones to our racked systems and they have become extremely popular as they are licence free worldwide. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about wireless systems or racked and ready wireless microphones and we will be happy to help and advise.

  • Christmas Opening Times and Delivery Info

    EAV Pro Audio would like to start off by wishing all our customers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Below are our Holiday opening hours and a little info regarding shipping dates etc.

    We are closing for a Christmas break at midday on Friday 21st December 2012 and will reopen at 8:30am on Wednesday 2nd January 2013. Any orders placed over this time will be processed but NOT shipped out until our return on the Wednesday. We are shipping all orders placed before Friday 21st December with ParcelForce providing the items are in stock. We will of course contact you if there is an issue.

    Once again, have a great Christmas and Happy New Year

    The Whole EAV Team

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