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  • DV247 Closure and rebirth backlash – Customers and Peers Vent online

    As many of you may now have heard White Rabbit Records, The owners of Digital Village have folded and Digital Village, Dig Vig, or DV247 have been taken over by a new company (DV247 LTD) who are owned by Music Store director Michael Sauer. Seven of the eight Digital Village stores have been closed and according to a statement from Digital Village's administrators, 31 employees have been made redundant. Since this was all announced last Friday, there has been a massive backlash from people within the industry and customers about the way everything has been handled regarding one company folding and another strangely rising within hours. One blog in particular from within the industry (The Eccentric blog) has accused Digital Village and their owners as doing a “prepack Administration”. The blog goes on to critise the morals of the head figures at Digital Village for continuing to buy in stock from suppliers and making staff work when they knew they would unable to pay them once the company folded. We can’t comment on whether this is true but it is really stirring things up online. Digital Village themselves have issued a statement which answers many points raised on this blog and that can be found on their main website. Loyal customers to Digital village have been split with their opinions and many have taken to the Dig Vig website and commented. Below are few picked from the site “So DV becomes another faceless, soulless online catalogue” “… I think you will find it very hard to regain the trust of thousands of loyal customers” “It's Thomann 2“ On 14th May, the MIA issued a statement and it seems they are questioning the whole DV247 deal. The full statement reads “This is a bad day for UK MI. There is no pleasure to be taken in the falling of what was our largest UK retailer. There are many, many staff today without a job who have given years of loyal service to the industry and I would encourage any of them to send me their CV’s so that we can act as a resource centre for the industry. We did this with Sound Control and managed to bring affected staff together with employers. Aside from the tragedy of the staff, there is, naturally, the wider issue of what this means to UK MI. The many millions that DV brought to the UK economy and industry in terms of sales would now appear to have gone offshore. Our first priority is to ensure that the due diligence applied by Grant Thornton under SIP 16 has been correctly discharged. This Code of Conduct is there to ensure that the sale of the business was achieved in the best interests of both Digital Village AND the creditors. The MIA legal team looks forward to viewing the SIP 16 report that Grant Thornton will shortly publish, accordingly. There may well be good reasons highlighted in this report, but it is a huge shame that, as far as we are aware, no UK retailers or suppliers were given the opportunity to make a counter bid for the business in order to keep it UK-owned” It’s clear that there is some smoke around regarding the way things were handled and Digital Village may well suffer from many customers losing trust in them if nothing else. We shall keep you updated of anything else we find out.

  • Digital Village has been sold and Seven Stores Close

    Digital Village, or DV247 as many of you know them, have been sold to a German firm. The news broke over the weekend and it comes as no surprise to many of us smaller dealers who have heard rumours of happenings for quite some time now. Digital Village are probably the biggest audio dealers in the UK and according to Audio Pro International, seven of its current high street stores will close. This basically leaves only the Romford Digital Village Store open. White Rabbit Records, who previously owned Digital Village has folded and a new company, DV247 Ltd has emerged. This new company is owned by Music Store director Michael Sauer. Audio Pro International have reported the following statement from DV's director John Da Costa that was leaked from a letter to their sister company, MI Pro “We started to come under pressure from the bank to reduce our borrowings, which led to us putting our freehold branches up for sale. We then had no option but to put the business up for sale or attract outside investment. Initially, we hoped this could be done through a solvent process so that we could gradually restructure, but unfortunately this has proved impossible, mainly because of the potential cost of exiting the third party logistics contract. A large German music retailer, Music Store, finally emerged as our best option. After due consideration, it was felt that White Rabbit Records Ltd should go through a 'pre pack' insolvency process in order to drop the crippling expenses that have brought the company down” The list of the stores Digital Village are closing is Barnet, Clapham, Acton, Bristol, Southampton, Birmingham and Cambridge. The website is still up and is reporting on the events as a good thing for Digital Village. I guess only time will tell if this is a good thing for the company however, with John Da Costa appointed as the other director (with Sauer) it is clear they intend to fight to keep Digital Village alive.

  • Mobile Broadband 4G Auction Winners Announced

    It’s all over the news and the web today about the winners of the 4G mobile broadband auction. Obviously for wireless microphone users, the auctioning of the 800MHz band to Mobile 4G is what has caused 1000’s of you to have to buy new wireless microphones. For many, it has meant digging deep in to their pockets during a recession and really was an expense they could have done without at these hard times.

    Ofcom has raised £2.34bn from the auction however, the forecast was £3.5bn. This must have been a disappointment especially when you consider they raised £22bn back in 2000 when they auctioned for the 3G networks. The chief executive of Ofcom, Ed Richards is quoted on the BBC website as saying “we are in very, very different times”.

    Everything Everywhere; Hutchison 3G UK; Niche Spectrum Ventures, a BT subsidiary; Telefonica (O2); and Vodafone were the winners of the auction and I expect we shall see them rolling out their services sooner rather than later.

    For those Wireless microphone users that are still holding on to their channel 61-69 systems, remember you are now operating illegally and once these companies unleash their 4G services, you will be unable to use your systems without constant risk of problems. We at EAV can offer advice on which systems or licences are best for you. If you are unsure on whether your systems are legal or not, use our wireless microphone frequency checker tool and we will come straight back to you. We have a massive range of channel 38, fixed site frequency systems and digital wireless microphones. Feel free to drop us a line to discuss which systems are best for you.

    Figures and quotes taken from the BBC website

  • 75% of wireless system users unaware of 2013 law change

    On 1 January 2013 a line-in-the-sand is being drawn for the legal use of many wireless microphone systems widely used in churches, schools, pubs and clubs across the UK. According to national specialist retailer and installer EAV Pro Audio, up to 75% of users may be unaware of an impending change in the law, which could directly affect them. Following the ‘digital switchover’ this year, some of the radio frequencies currently used by wireless microphones are being re-allocated to allow the broadcast of Freeview television signals and new 4G mobile technologies. The knock-on effect is that many wireless microphones legally in use today will conflict with these signals and will therefore be outlawed come the New Year deadline. EAV managing director, Glyn Chapman said, “We’re shocked by just how little awareness there is amongst users about the upcoming changes in the law.” He went on to say, “in our experience, up to three quarters of users don’t understand the changes, let alone know if their equipment will be compliant come 2013.” Not all equipment will be affected by the changes, but the technicalities can be complicated by the number of microphones in use, the location and frequency settings currently in use. EAV urge all wireless users to seek professional advice if they haven’t already. Talking about how people can check their compliance with the law, Glyn said, “we urge people to use our online equipment checker or call us for free advice if they are concerned - we’re always happy to help demystify the complexities of the technology!” Wireless microphone users can check their compliance by using the special free tool or by calling 0845 125 9409 and talking to one of EAV’s specialists, again free of charge.

  • Update on Wireless Microphone Frequencies

    We have just had an update from JFMG that the current wireless microphone frequency bands of 550-606MHz (channels 31 to 37) that were planned for auction later this year will not be auctioned off at this time. The email states the following

    “Use of the 600 MHz band was due to finish at the end of 2012 for PMSE because of the planned auction of the band. Following recent international developments relating to the possible future use of spectrum that neighbours with the 600 MHz band, Ofcom will not be proceeding with this auction for the time being.

    Therefore, in the absence of a 2012 award, Ofcom has decided that PMSE can continue using the spectrum until it is released for an alternative use. Consequently, access to the band 550 – 606 MHz for PMSE will continue until at least 1st April 2013 and might carry on beyond that time subject to Ofcom’s conclusions about the approach to releasing this band. JFMG will continue to issue 12-month licences but with a condition allowing for revocation with a minimum of six months’ notice. “

    This band is directly below channel 38 which is the new shared band for people on the move. Channel 70, the free to use band, will continue to be free. As far as we have been told, channels 61-69 will still be going from PMSE use in December of this year.

    EAV Pro Audio are one of the UK’s biggest sellers of Wireless microphone units and are happy to chat about your wireless needs. If you are unsure of which frequencies you should be using, just give us a call.

  • iPad 3 and the World of Pro Audio

    The new iPad 3 was revealed at an event in San Fransisco on the 6th March. Although I call it the iPod three, apparently it has no specific numerable suffix and will simply be called the iPad. At the moment, Apple themselves are tagging it as the “resolutionary” model!

    As expected, it has improvements all over the shop such as a quad core processor, retina display, capable of 1080p video, 4G LTE connectivity, a 5MP iSight rear camera and many more. The release date of this new Ipad will March 16th and the UK pricing is yet to be confirmed. Apple state that the new unit will still have the 10 hour battery life of the iPad 2 even with these improvements.The new iPad has actually gained a little in the weight and size category. The thickness of the unit has increased by a “whooping” 0.4mm and the weight by 49g. Hardly noticeable really.

    For those people that already own the ipad 2 or an iPhone or ipod, EAV pro Audio have a great range of products that are designed to integrate with your Apple devices and allow them to become part of your professional Audio world. Products such as the Samson XP308i and Alesis Multimix 9R simply have an ipod dock built into the mixer. Taking it a step further would be the Tascam iM2 stereo microphones, this little adaptor turns your iphone or ipad into a professional portable recorder. Even more out there is the new Digitech iStomp which turns your iphone or ipod touch into any digitech guitar pedal.

    No doubt the new iPad will bring with it a whole plethora of new products that take the concept to a new level. Click this link to view our section on ipod, ipad & iphone professional audio equipment.

  • Local Authority Entertainment Licence No Longer Needed for Small UK Venues

    A breakthrough has happened in the world of Live music. Both the UK music industry and the MIA (Music Industry Association)are happy to announce that small venues do not now require a “local Authority entertainment licence”. This hopefully means that more small venues in the UK can get back to hosting live music. In the past, small venues have had to jump through hoops and pay-out for a license to host live music events and thanks to Live Music Bill passing its third reading in the House of Commons, this is no longer the case. The CEO of the MIA, Paul McManus states “This is wonderful news and a great day for live music”. As a musician who relies on small venues and their live music nights, I and the rest of the EAV Pro Audio team (who are also musicians) got a little excited this morning on reading the news. So to all the pubs that are in need of updating their PA speakers or require a new mixing desk ready for the onslaught of bands that are queuing up at your doors, give EAV pro Audio a call.

  • JHS become Carlsbro & Studiomaster distributors

    JHS have just announced that they are now the UK distributers of Carlsbro & Studiomaster. It comes a few weeks after the announcement that they no longer distribute Allen & Heath which, as of February 1st, will be distributors by vocal Microphone & instrument mic giants, Audio Technica. It’s been a while since Carlsbro have been a name on the Pro Audio scene and JHS are tasked with reminding dealers why it was once such a strong brand of PA speakers and backline. Studiomaster seems to be their replacement for Allen & Heath and their mixing consoles. Like the loss of Allen & Heath, the distribution of Carlsbro and Studiomaster will officially come in to place on February 1st 2012. EAV are JHS dealers and will be able to provide their customers with the full range of Carlsbro PA speakers and Studiomaster mixing desks. Give us a call if you are interested in any of the ranges.

  • Wireless Microphones - Channel 69 now available untill December

    JFMG have announced that the Ofcom have extended the use of Channel 69 wireless microphones until December 31st 2012. This will allow radio microphone users who current tune to one or more of the 14 shared UHF channels within channel 69 to continue their use for another 11/12 months. As most of you know, channel 69 will eventually be unavailable to wireless mic users and the new channel 38 will completely replace it. Channel 38 is currently available to use in most areas in the UK. If you want more information regarding wireless microphones and the 2012 changeovers, give EAV Pro Audio a call and we will advise you on what is best. We have a massive selection of channel 38 wireless microphones from nearly all of the top manufacturers. We also have a great range of channel 70 wireless microphones which is a small free band that will remain after 2012.

  • Audio Technica to distribute Allen & Heath in the UK

    Audio Technica to distribute Allen & Heath in the UK were the headlines EAV Pro Audio received this morning via an email from Allen & Heath. As some people may know, Audio Technica already distributes Allen & Heath in Germany and it seemed a logical idea to have them distribute A&H in the UK also. Allen and Heath state “We are very keen to continue to provide great service to our UK dealers and customers, and we know that Audio-Technica’s experience of our brand will be invaluable when it comes to understanding the specific needs of this market” The current distributors of most A&H mixers is JHS and this will come to an end ready for AT take over on February 1st 2012. EAV Pro Audio are excited by the news and hope in will further their already strong relationship with Audio Technica. EAV are main dealers with Audio Technica and supply their full range of Wireless microphones and vocal microphones and this change over of distribution now allows EAV to provide you with the whole range of Allen & Heath's mixers.

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