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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Trantec S4.16 IEM Wireless System

    We have been Trantec main dealers now for many years and love their wireless microphone systems. The S4.4 & S4.16 are a great value for money systems and the S5 series offer professional features that rival their competitors and often come in a little cheaper. The one thing that always puzzled me is that a company that only make wireless microphones…….where’s the IEM system?


    Apparently Trantec used to make an IEM system (before my time) and it was extremely popular so them not having one in their current range always confused me. Finally we now have the Trantec S4.16 IEM In Ear Monitor System and it seems to tick all the boxes. I like the fact that they introduced the unit in their S4.16 range rather than the more expensive S5 series as there is a big gap in the IEM market for a mid-range professional product. The Trantec S4.16 IEM is available on as either a free to use channel 70 system or on the licensed channel 38 band. Channel 38 lets you run up to 8 systems together whereas channel 70 fits around 3 or 4. It has mono and stereo options and designed with a rugged metal finish.


    The Trantec IEM S4.16 is now shipping and available at EAV. It’s about time Trantec :)

  • HK Audio Price Changes

    We are pleased to announce that our HK audio range of PA speakers have recently come down in price. On top of that, we currently have a sale on most of the brand too. It really is the best time to buy.


    The Pulsar active speakers, Premium Pro Passive and Active, Linear 5 boxes and also the Nano units have all been subject to a price drop. Buying from EAV Pro Audio mean you get full UK support when it comes to warranty issues.

    Whether you are a band looking at a 6 box monster PA system or a solo artists looking for some basic sound reinforcement, we have a HK system that is perfect for you and in a price bracket that suits most budgets.

    Take a look at the Full HK Audio range of speakers now.

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