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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphones

    As of today Sennheiser are shipping the new AVX range of wireless microphones and I must say, they look pretty cool. The AVX Wireless mics are designed for people wanting to capture audio to go alongside their video. They plug straight in to the XLR audio input on your camera/sound recording device and use phantom power.

    In the UK there is the AVX-835 Handheld system which comes with Sennheiser’s legendary 835 Capsule. There’s also the AVX-ME2 Lapel system that comes with the standard ME2 Mic and then the AVX-MKE2 SET which comes with the high end MKE2 lapel mic. Click the links above to check the individual AVX systems.

    Sennheiser have spared nothing when it comes to the marketing of these systems and have produced a some nice little Hollywood style videos, take a look at the AVX 1.9GHz Wireless Microphone video belows

    The beauty of these systems is that they are Licence free in the UK and many other countries across the world. You simply turn up, tune in and off you go. Great for location recording where sound is paramount. They run on 1.9GHz which usually isn't available in the UK however, these systems work on DECT technology which means that a licence isn't required.

    If you want help selecting the right wireless microphone for you, give us a call

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