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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • New Yamaha MG Mixers - Introducing the Third Generation

    The Yamaha MG mixers have been a big seller for us a EAV for a long time. Since the first generation and through to the second, they have offered a reliability and performance that is hard to match at their price point. The only downside we could see was that there were so many models ( FX versions, standard versions, USB versions, USB with FX versions etc…) that keeping track and stock was a mission. Well, there is now a third generation hitting our shelves and we like what we have seen so far. mglineup As expected, the new Yamaha MG Mixers range is comprehensive but a little more manageable now. There are non-FX and FX models of the range and the FX models have USB interface attached to most of them too. The USB is still disappointingly 2-in/2-out (rather than being able to record each channel simultaneously from the desk) but for most of us, that isn’t a problem. Those MG mixers that have the USB port come bundled with CUBASE AI for recording. The USB port can also be used for digital playpack. Yamaha’s one knob compression can be found on 90% of the range and this tool is great for keeping your vocals or guitars dynamically in check. The SPX sound great, the pre-amps are good, they seem well built and essentially they offer all that the old ranges did but with a few added extras. They look a little nicer too. The standard range consists of the following desks; Yamaha MG06 Yamaha MG10 (Taken over from the MG102C) Yamaha MG12 (Taken over from the MG124C) Yamaha MG16 (Taken over from the MG166C) Yamaha MG20 (Taken over from the MG206C) The XU models are consists of Yamaha MG06X Yamaha MG10XU Yamaha MG12XU (Taken over from the MG124CX) Yamaha MG16XU (Taken over from the MG166CX and MG166C-USB) Yamaha MG20XU (Taken over from the MG206C-USB)

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