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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • LD Systems OXID Powered PA Speakers Now Shipping

    LD Systems have announced that the new OXID range of active speakers are now shipping. The range consists of the OXID 12A and the OXID 15A and very much look good on paper for the price. They are both rated at 500w RMS and come complete with three selectable DSP pre-sets that optimize the frequency response. oxid front We can really see these being very popular with gigging musicians due to the price point. The 15A comes in at just over £400 which sits them nicely in-between the lower end Alto/Behringer Active speakers but just under the Yamaha/dB Technology mid-priced speakers. OXID12Aside They are both relatively lightweight at around 18kg and have a multifunctional design which makes them perfect for both front of house speakers and monitor wedges. They have some nice touches to them such as a ground lift switch and digital limiter and a decent frequency response. OXID12A EAV are LD Systems dealers and happy to help with any questions you have on these speakers. Take a look at the videos below to see all the features of the speakers

  • JBL PRX700 Active PA Speakers

    The new JBL PRX700 series of high power active PA speakers are now live on EAV Pro Audio. They truly look the part and the specs seem to suggest they are speaker worth hearing. As yet, we have yet to try them out due to some UK stock issues however, we are excited to see what these speakers can deliver. prx The PRX700 speakers are certainly a step up from the old PRX600 and come priced in the same bracket as the Yamaha DSR series, and HK Pulsar, both popular ranges of active speakers here at EAV Pro Audio. The The range consists of; JBL PRX718XLF JBL PRX715XLF JBL PRX735 JBL PRX725 JBL PRX715 JBL PRX712 JBL PRX710 Looking at the above, they have made a comprehensive range that will cater for many applications. Solo artists, acoustic acts, full bands and DJ’s have all been thought about and there is a speaker combination to suit. The high 1500w power allows these speakers to fill some pretty large venues and although not the lightest active speaker to come out in recent years, they sure won’t break anyone’s back. Stock is set to hit the UK any day now

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