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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Microphone Polar Patterns – Choosing the Right Microphone

    Microphone polar patterns are essentially what determines the type of environment a microphone is best suited for. Every microphone has a polar pattern and you can see from the images below that the pattern is represented on circular graphs and it basically shows you the sensitivity of the microphone in different directions. The most common microphone polar patterns available are;

    Omnidirectional Microphone Polar Pattern

    omni As you may expect from the name, an omnidirectional microphone picks up from all round the microphone. 360 degrees of pick-up make it perfect for picking up natural or ambient recordings. They are often used with lapel microphone systems and boundary style mics as they allow the user to move their head and still be captured.

    Cardioid Microphone Polar Pattern

    cardioid The Cardioid polar pattern is most commonly found on vocal mics such as the Sennheiser e835. They pick up at 120 degrees of the direction they face and perfect for capturing a specific sound source in a loud environment. Vocals aside, you may find them on guitar cabs and drums.

    Hypercardioid & SuperCardioid Microphone Polar Pattern

    hyper cardioid The Hypercardioid pattern is similar to cardioid but with an even narrower pick up of around 100 degrees. They essentially give more sound rejection to the sides but also pick up a little from the rear. Again, very popular with vocalists. The Supercardioid gives you a little more pickup from the front and a little less at the rear. The AKG D5 microphone is a great example of this type of mic and has been very popular with our customers.

    Figure of Eight Microphone Polar Pattern

    fig 8 The Fig 8 mic or bi-directional microphone pick up from the front and rear but offer side rejection. This polar pattern is most commonly found in the broadcast world and sometimes it is used for recording. The Audio Technica BP4027 broadcast microphone uses this style.

    Line and Gradient Polar Pattern

    line grad Once again, these Polar patterns are most commonly found in the broadcast world. The polar pattern is extremely direction and have extreme side rejection.   Whatever you need a mic for, give EAV Pro Audio a call and we can help make sure we get the best mic for the job. We have close working relationships with Sennheiser, Audio Technica, AKG, Rode, Electro Voice and other microphone manufacturers and have just about every base covered.

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