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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Mobile Broadband 4G Auction Winners Announced

    It’s all over the news and the web today about the winners of the 4G mobile broadband auction. Obviously for wireless microphone users, the auctioning of the 800MHz band to Mobile 4G is what has caused 1000’s of you to have to buy new wireless microphones. For many, it has meant digging deep in to their pockets during a recession and really was an expense they could have done without at these hard times.

    Ofcom has raised £2.34bn from the auction however, the forecast was £3.5bn. This must have been a disappointment especially when you consider they raised £22bn back in 2000 when they auctioned for the 3G networks. The chief executive of Ofcom, Ed Richards is quoted on the BBC website as saying “we are in very, very different times”.

    Everything Everywhere; Hutchison 3G UK; Niche Spectrum Ventures, a BT subsidiary; Telefonica (O2); and Vodafone were the winners of the auction and I expect we shall see them rolling out their services sooner rather than later.

    For those Wireless microphone users that are still holding on to their channel 61-69 systems, remember you are now operating illegally and once these companies unleash their 4G services, you will be unable to use your systems without constant risk of problems. We at EAV can offer advice on which systems or licences are best for you. If you are unsure on whether your systems are legal or not, use our wireless microphone frequency checker tool and we will come straight back to you. We have a massive range of channel 38, fixed site frequency systems and digital wireless microphones. Feel free to drop us a line to discuss which systems are best for you.

    Figures and quotes taken from the BBC website

  • Yamaha Stagepas 600i and 400i loaded with features

    The Yamaha Stagepas range has been a very successful range for us at EAV. Mainly because we are happy to put our names to quality of the system compared to many of the other systems that are in competition. In fact, I myself own the older (yet still current) Stagepas 500 system and use it regularly when gigging with my acoustic group. It has never let me down yet and fills a pub with sound nicely. We were visited by our Yamaha rep last week and he showed us the new Yamaha Stagepas 600i portable PA and the Stagepas 400i. Both carry on the tradition of being extremely portable due to the fact the mixer fits nicely in the back of the one of the speakers and the cables in the other. What’s great about these systems are the new added features;

    The video below shows the features of the Stagepas 600i nicely

    Here’s a great little video on the baby Yamaha Stagepas 400i

    Basically, you can see that Yamaha have moved with the times with these systems and bought the new Stagepas 600i and 400i up to date with some lovely new features and also boosted the wattage output. We have hit the ground running with these Stagepas systems and they are now in stock at EAV pro audio and ready to ship. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding these systems or any other aspect of your audio needs.

  • Line 6 and Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Rack Building

    It’s been a fun week of wireless microphone rack building here at EAV HQ. First off we had a 10-way Sennheiser EW300 G3 wireless Microphone series rack that had full antennae distributions, five handheld receivers and five beltpacks with lapels. The Sennheiser racks are a pleasure to build and everything connects up logically and easily. Once the rack was built we did a full test and as per usual, the Sennheiser gear worked perfectly. We had a coffee, admired our work and started on rack number two.

    Sennheiser EW300 Rack

    Next up was a line 6 rack of 12 systems with antennae distribution. Line 6 are relatively new to us and we have only been dealers for a couple of months. In that short time we have hit the ground running with our Line 6 Wireless Microphones and sold loads however, this was the first rack we had the pleasure of putting together ourselves. I got to admit, I was a little excited to build this and fully test it myself.

    The build was quick and everything came in the boxes. The rack kits were different than anything I had used before and were a little tight in the fitting but apart from that, it was a smooth build. The antennae distribution amp connects up to 8 systems together which meant that I had to use the handy ‘Loop Through’ feature on the back of four of the V75 receivers to allow all 12 systems to run off a single pair of paddle antennae. By doing this the remaining four systems do need their own power supplies however, it is a much cheaper options than having to buy another antennae distribution system.

    Line 6 Rack building

    After the system was racked, we turned it on and it was plain to see that the units were picking up WIFI on the RF display on at least 8 of the 12 systems. Now this may seem scary however, these systems are designed to work with WIFI (as it is everywhere). They have advanced audio protection called Encoded DCL (Digital Channel Lock) which distinguishes the X75 digital audio from third party signals such as WIFI. We put this to the test and it worked perfectly. As a customer, we pass on the same advice that Line 6 gave to us which is have your antennae at least 3m from your main WIFI hub and like all systems, Digital or analogue, keep line of sight. By using external Paddle antennae, you can mount these in your desired location to ensure that line of 6 is happening.

    Line 6 Complete Wireless Rack /> All in all, it was a busy week of rack building and testing and we can safely put our name to the Line 6 Digital Wireless microphone systems like we do to the Sennheiser Racked systems. To view our complete range of Racked and Ready Wireless Microphones, click the link.

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