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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  • Budget Wireless Microphone Systems For Schools and Education

    EAV Pro Audio have been supplying wireless microphone systems to Schools and other educational establishments for over ten years. We understand that 99% of schools don’t have a massive budget for their audio requirements, yet still require a large amount of professional sounding gear for that tiny budget. When it comes to wireless microphone systems you can easily pay £500 plus for a quality unit and when you have a school production needing 12 radio mics, this can cripple even biggest of budgets. Not only that, kids will have accidents (as well as adults, looking at the teachers here) and replacing microphones/lapels/headsets for these types of systems can cost an awful lot therefore, a top of the range expensive radio microphone may not be the most economical choice.

    If it’s just a single wireless microphone system is required, we have professional entry level systems that come in at around £100 pounds per unit. These systems are perfect for when purse strings are very tight. All of our major manufacturers like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Trantec, Shure and AKG offer systems at this level and you have the selection of handheld, lapel, headset and even instrument systems. Give us a call on 0845 125 9406 or email us at sales@e-av.co.uk and we can recommend which system would suit your school best. To view a selection of our systems, take a look at our wireless microphone page.

    Budget Wireless system for schools

    If it’s multiple wireless microphones you require to cope with large school productions, we have a great range of racked and ready wireless microphones that offer you multiple radio mics that are racked up in a quality flightcase with antennae distribution and all you need to do is plug them in to your mixing desk and you are ready. From 4-way racks up to 12-way systems, we have something that will allow your school to become fully wireless. Trantec pioneered this racked format and are still our biggest selling racked N Ready wireless microphone supplier. They do three different racks ranging from their entry level systems to their theatre professional units. These are all built by Trantec on our behalf and then we ship them directly to you. If you want to look at another manufacturer of racked up wireless mics then we actually build Audio Technica, Shure and Sennheiser systems in-house and ship them fully tested. We do a variety of ranges that cover most budgets. Again, if you need some advice on which systems will do the job for you, just call or email us. Our website shows the different systems that are available so check out our Racked and Ready Wireless Microphone page.

    Schools Racked up Wireless Mics

    Providing budget wireless microphones for schools shouldn’t just be about giving them an unbranded pile of rubbish to save a few pounds. We can help your school get the most out of your money and feel secure that you have spent it on a wireless microphone system that will last and provide a quality that is needed. As with all schools and education establishments, once you decide you would like to place an order, we will be happy to invoice you providing an official purchase order is sent over.

  • Getting Visual With EAV Pro Audio

    As many of you know, the EAV sales team pride themselves on their customer care and are always looking for better ways to help make people be sure that what they are buying is the right choice. Let’s be honest, the world of pro audio is not the cheapest world to live in. A decent microphone will cost you anywhere from £69 to £1000’s and you need to know that your money is going to a product that will bring something extra to your sound.

    So because of this, EAV have started to create their own “Overview” videos of the products and ranges that they sell. These are not the one sided glamorous and glitzy manufacturer’s videos that you will see on their sites, but rather Dave sitting down with the product in his hands and giving you brief but informative slice of product pie (sorry, not sure where that came from). The aim is to get a couple of new videos each week and cover some of new and exciting products as they are released. As this is being typed the first in a series of Budget Wireless Microphone systems videos are being produced. But for now, here’s one on the brand new Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX we posted last week;

    Whenever a new video is live it will be posted straight to our EAV Pro Audio Youtube channel and linked over to our EAV Facebook page. We will post any video’s of products directly on the product pages for people to watch also.

  • Allen & Heath ICE-16 Recorder & USB Firewire Interface

    It's not often a new product comes out that really excited me however, The ICE-16 from Allen and Heath has made my ears prick up a little. . . OK, a lot. There is no doubt about it, the new Allen & Heath ICE-16 looks set to change the world of multitrack recording for your average pro audio man whose pockets are not bottomless. Essentially for well under £800 you get a 16 track multi-track standalone recorder that can captures up to 6 hours of high quality audio on a 32gb USB stick. It can also double as a USB or Firewire audio interface.

    Allen & Heath ICE16

    To see the full specs of the unit, check out our Allen & Heath ICE-16 page. You can download the brochure there which has loads of great info on it. The video below offers you a brief insight in to the unit also


      According to Allen and Heath, the ICE16 makes multitrack recording easy because it’s a stand alone unit. There's no longer a need to have dedicated songcards. The ICE-16 lets you record 16 tracks of quality audio direct to a USB stick or a hard drive. This is perfect for a band wanting to record a live gig or even a studio session. They simply use the ICE-16 and a hard drive to capture the gig and then dump the audio tracks on to a computer and mix it in their favourite DAWS software.

    Allen and Heath ICE16

    Without a USB stick or hard drive attached, the Allen and Heath ICE16 becomes a USB / Firewire interface for your PC or Mac. It is compatible with all the leading DAWS such as Cubase, Pro Tools and Logic.

    Again, for a full product spec and the download of the brochure, visit our Allen & Heath ICE-16 page now. The recorder looks set to ship at the end of Sept 2012 / mid Oct 2012, EAV Pro Audio are taking pre orders now for anyone wanting one off the first UK shipment. We expect the demand for this to be very high and suggest you get an order in now to avoid disappointment.

  • Allen & Heath XB-10 Broadcast Mixer Is Now Ready

    First we had the Allen & Heath XB14 Broadcast Mixer and now Allen and Heath have released the smaller XB-10 Broadcast mixing desk. This desk is aimed at the small radio stations or even the bedroom internet broadcast studios that have become extremely popular. If you do a search for internet radio you will find there are thousands of small independent internet radio stations just in the UK alone that broadcast from anything from a bedroom to a fully pro studio. The Allen & Heath XB10 finally gives these stations a Broadcast mixer that wont cripple their bank account.

    Allen Heath XB10 Mixer The beauty of the XB10 Broadcast mixer is the fact that it is designed to give you the features you need to have a professional setup. It has “Radio Friendly” tools such as a telephone communication (telco) channel, mic channel ON switch sensing, stereo channel start/cue outputs for CD deck transport control and automatic muting of speaker outputs. A separate monitor mix can be created for operator and guest or presenter, and the operator can speak off-air to the studio or telephone callers using the ‘Talk’ feature. The Allen & Heath XB-10 has low noise preamps and each channel is equipped with Allen & Heath’s CompACT compressor which keeps the dynamic range of the presenters microphone in check. The plug-n-play USB connection can be used for VoIP telephone calls, recording program material, playing jingles and more.

    Below is a little video from Allen & Heath about the XB-10 Broadcast mixer. To see what deals we currently have or to see the specs in details, visit our Allen & Heath XB-10 Broadcast mixer page. For any other information, just give us a call on 02476322878

  • Sennheiser EW300 and EW500 G3 Racked Wireless Microphone System

    Last month saw the adding of the Audio Technica 2000 series and the Audio Technica 3000 series racked up wireless microphone systems. We are now proud to announce we have added to our Racked and Ready Wireless Microphone section with the Sennheiser EW300 G3 Racked system and the Sennheiser EW500 G3 Racked System. We are currently working on a Shure racked system and possibly an AKG one.

    EAV Pro Audio started selling racked systems back in 2010 when we became Trantec main dealers. The Trantec Racked N Ready systems have been and continue to be massive sellers because they offer professional quality wireless microphones at a cracking price. With the exception of Sennheiser’s 4-way eRack, the Trantec are the only company actually making Racked systems in house and shipping them as complete ready to use systems. EAV Pro Audio thought that other manufactures deserved the racked treatment and we started to build them ourselves. Check out our complete range of Racked and Ready Wireless Microphones.

    If it’s just a single system you require then check out our complete range of wireless microphone systems or give us a call on 0845 9409

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