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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Audio Technica Wireless Microphones - Differences Between the Ranges

    Audio Technica make great quality wireless microphones systems for all levels. They have their 700 series, 2000 series & 3000 series that all offer great features and a professional system. So the question is. . .

    What's the difference between the 700, 2000 & 3000 range of Audio Technica wireless microphones?

    Well, below is a table that outlines the main differences between the ranges and clears up a few things. If you have any questions about the Audio Technica range of radio mics, just give us a call. To view the full range of wireless microphones we have to offer, including Audio Technica, just click on this Wireless Microphone link. If you just wish to take a look at only the Audio Technica series of radio mics, just click here

    700 Series 2000 Series 3000 Series
    # of ch. U-band (channel 38 shared licence
    8 10 10
    # of ch. F-band (channel 70 no licence
    4 4 N/A
    # of ch. coordinated (£28 licence
    per system)
    N/A 10 per band (D, G, I band) 21 per band (D, G band)
    # of possible channels total 12 44 52
    Channel selection 8 selectable pre-set
    10 selectable pre-set
    Up to 1001 selectable
    Operational range 80m 100m 100m
    Beltpack RF power 10mW / 5mW selectable 30mW / 10mW selectable 30mW / 10mW selectable
    Audio quality (dynamic range) >100dB >100dB >110dB
    Audio quality (frequency response) 100Hz-12KHz 100Hz-15Khz 70Hz-15KHz
    Remote antenna options N/A Yes Yes
    Rack mountable Optional rack tray Out of the box Out of the box
    Battery charging dock N/A Yes N/A
    Condenser handheld capsule N/A N/A ATM710 capsule
    Dynamic handheld capsule Standard capsule PRO41 capsule AE4100 capsule
    Handheld construction Hardened plastic Hardened plastic Reinforced metal
    Belt-pack construction Hardened plastic Hardened plastic Hardened plastic
    Price - handheld system (RRP) £199 £349 £499
    Price - belt-pack system (RRP) £179 £299 £499
    Applications Suitable for schools
    and karaoke
    Churches, small theatres
    and live music
    Live music, large theatres
    and hire companies
  • Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D Wireless System Live On EAV

    The Sennheiser Tourguide 2020D system is now on our website and is a cracking range of products from Sennheiser that are designed to get everyone in a group hearing what you want them to hear. This type of thing is used in organised guided tours, interpretation, and general assisting listening situations.

    EAV Pro Audio have had the pleasure in supplying the 2020-D Tourguide systems to a few colleges across the country that need them for both tours of the college and also for use with the students when they go out on field trips. The systems are extremely easy to use and within minutes you can have crystal clear audio transmitting to your audiences ears.

    The video below gives you a brief overview of the Tourguide 2020D system. The products are now listed on the EAV website for you to study in details however, a brief overview of them is located below

    Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D Transmitters

    The Sennheiser SKM 2020-D Handheld Transmitter allows you to have the familiar feel of a handheld microphone and also gives you the flexibility to hand the transmitter around if questions are being asked and you require everyone in the group to hear.

    The Sennheiser SK 2020D belt pack transmitter offers you the ability to plug in a lapel mic or headset microphone of your choice. Obviously this is the preferred option for those needing hands free operation.

    Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D Receivers

    The Sennheiser Tourguide HDE 2020D Stethoset receiver is a all in one receiver unit that fits in your ears whilst the main brains of the unit hangs around your neck. These units are easily cleaned and allow you peace of mind that you have everything needed to receive your signal.

    The Sennheiser Tourguide EK 2020-D gives you the same easy to use receiver unit as the HDE model but without the Stethoset ears. Instead, it gives you a standard mini Jack headphone socket which allows the user to use their own headphones.

    Sennehsier Tourguide Chargers The final part of the system is the charging units. The EZL 2020-D charging case gives you portability and also the option to charge up to 20 receivers. It’s bigger brother, the L 2021-40 gives you room for forty receivers but is a little less portable.

    The system currently runs on channel 70 which is free to use now and past 2012. For any more info on the Sennheiser Tourguide system or if you need an estimate, just give us a call on 0845 125 9409 or drop us an email to sales@e-av.co.uk

  • Wharfedale Titan 312A & 315A Active Speakers Now Shipping

    The Wharfedale Titan range of PA speakers have been big sellers across the Pro Audio world and for EAV Pro Audio, they have been a range of passive and active speaker that offers quality at an affordable price. Wharfedale have just added to the range with the new Wharfedale Titan 312A Active PA speaker and the Wharfedale Titan 315A Active PA Speaker.

    These new Speakers have some quality features as outlined below

  • 2-way bi-amplified
  • Class D LF and HF power amplifiers
  • LF and HF signal limiting
  • Thermal, DC and short circuit fault protection
  • Bass/Treble EQ controls
  • TRS Jack and male XLR balanced Line level or MIC level input
  • Female XLR balanced output with unit gain buffered
  • Rear panel LED
  • Volume control
  • Ten M8 threaded inserts for flown applications
  • Wall mount bracket options available separately
  • Grey gas-assist injection moulded enclosure

    As you would expect from any Titan speaker, both the 312A and the 315A are extremely lightweight considering they are active PA speakers. The Wharfedale Titan 312A is only 10kg whilst the Titan 315A comes in at 17.9Kg

    For more information on the these titan speakers or any other PA Speakers, just call or drop us an email. Our staff are always happy to help and will do all we can to answer any question you may have.

  • New ZED Mixing Desks from Allen & Heath

    EAV Pro Audio have added to our range of Allen & Heath ZED series of mixers and bought the whole range up to date. With the distribution of Allen & Heath now over at our friends Audio Technica, we are happy to announce that we have become key dealers for the analogue mixers which include the whole ZED Range, The PA series and the Wizards.

    The new Allen & Heath ZED60-10FX USB mixer and the ZED60-14FX USB Mixers are the latest mixers to the site and these small format desks offer the portability and compactness of the existing small ZED desks but now with 60mm faders instead of pots. This is a feature that many professional musicians have been calling for and Allen & Heath have listened. Both desks offer a USB interface which is in-keeping with the rest of the range.

    Take a look at the whole range of Allen & Heath ZED mixers. If you require any help with choosing the right mixing desk for you, just give the EAV pro Audio team a call and we will do all we can to help

  • Audio Technica ATW 2000 & 3000 Racked-Up Wireless Mics

    EAV Pro Audio have expanded our popular racked and ready range of wireless microphone systems with the ATW2000 series Racked up and the ATW3000 series Racked Up. These high end systems join the ATW700 series that have proven very popular due to the price point. Obviously these systems sit side by side with our Trantec Racked & ready wireless systems and also our basic Sennheiser racks.

    Click to take a look at the Audio Technica ATW2000 Series Racked Up Wireless Microphones or click here for the Audio Technica ATW3000 series Racked Up Wireless Microphones

    Both the 2000 series and the 3000 series are available in 4, 6, 8 & 10 way configurations and a choice of dynamic handheld or bodypack lapel is available. That being said, if you require an instrument system or a headset system we can do that for an extra price. Both systems allow for up to 10 units on channel 38 which makes these rigs the perfect touring system. If you require other frequencies, this can be sorted. You will also get a remote antennae kit with all systems that consists of Antennae boosters, 8m cables and two paddle antennae. These are both professional systems and our sister company have been installing the individual systems in to churches and schools for the last 15 years. Basically, we put our name to the quality of both the ATW2000 series and the ATW3000 series wireless microphone systems.

    Unlike the Trantec systems that are built by Trantec themselves, the EAV Pro Audio team will be building, testing, tuning and shipping these systems directly from our offices. They will arrive fully racked in a hex-board flight case and ready for you to use. We shall quote a 5-7 day lead time on these however, we will do all we can to make it a little quicker

    If you have any questions as to which system is right for you or anything else to do with wireless microphones, just give our team a call on 0845 125 9409

  • More Racked and Ready Wireless Microphones Coming Soon

    Since we started dealing with Trantec nearly three years ago now, the Trantec Racked & Ready wireless microphone systems have been extremely popular with our customers and we have become a preferred dealer of Trantec’s due to our support of the product. From what we have gathered from talks with Trantec is that these ‘Racked & Ready’ systems cannot be built quick enough to meet the demand. Because of this, It strikes us as strange that no other manufacturer is offering a racked up wireless solution to dealers and customers. OK, so Sennheiser are doing a small 4-way rack however, it’s the bigger racks that we tend to sell more of.

    So EAV have had enough of waiting for other dealers to start offering this service and are going to offer it and build them ourselves. We already do this for a budget Audio Technica 700 series rack and now want to extend this to their 2000 and 3000 series systems. We are also working on a Sennheiser EW100/EW300 and also the new XSW range. The idea is to offer 4, 6, 8 & 10 way racks of all these ranges very, very soon.

    The way it will work is once an order is placed, we shall build the racks ourselves and ship them out as completed ready to use systems. Like the Trantec versions you will have a choice of handheld or belt packs and then you can add headsets if needed.

    For more information on this or if you require a custom rack, give EAV pro Audio a call and we shall do our best to sort it out. In the meantime, take a look at our current range of racked and ready wireless microphones.

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