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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • Dynacord CMS and POWERMATE Mixers

    With the passing of Dynacord distribution from Polar Audio to Bosch, EAV pro audio are now able to offer you Dynacord professional mixers at great price. It’s a brand we have always admired from a far but were never able to offer you the products at competitive prices. This has now changed and we are full steam ahead on the CMS passive range of mixing desks and the world famous Powermate range of powered mixers. The CMS mixers or Compact Mixing Systems truly live up to their name. There are three models in the range and all have the same outstanding features. All that sets the three mixers apart is the physical size and amount of microphone inputs. The Dynacord CMS-1000-3 starts off the range and boosts a total of 10 XLR inputs. The Dynacord CMS 1600-3 follows on and give you a total of 16 XLR inpust. Finally, the big boy is the Dynacord CMS 2200-3 which has a mighty 22 XLR inputs. Among other features, all the CMS-3 desks offer a built-in USB 2.0 interface, two independent FX channels, 11 channel master EQ and 6 AUX busses. The Dynacord Powermate range of powered mixers take all the fantastic features found on the CMS desks and adds to them a 2 x 1000 watts at 4ohm power amp. Even if you forget the USB 2.0 interface, the 6 AUX busses and the dual FX, It’s this huge 2 x 1000watts that sets the Powermate mixing desks apart from most other powered mixers on the market. Most powered mixers only give you 2 x 500w which is not good enough if you want to power a couple of tops and a couple of subs. Like the CMS range, the Powermate series offer you three sizes that all deliver the 2 x 1000w at 4ohms. The Powermate 1000-3, the Powermate 1600-3 and the Powermate 2200-3 make up the range. If you think the a Dynacord desk is exactly what you need , give us a call or drop us an email.

  • New Sennheiser XSW Wireless Microphones

    When it comes to wireless microphones, Sennheiser are often seen as the leaders in quality. From the EW100 series through to the 5000 series, quality and performance are at the heart of their systems. Like many professional hire companies, we put our trust in Sennheiser for our hire radio mics. We have two racks of EW100 series systems that have never let us down. Sennheiser also make it easy to get the system you require on the frequency band you need. Whether you want channel 70, the new channel 38 or any band in-between, Sennheiser have a wireless microphone that will work on that band. In fact, you can buy a system on band E, D, C, GB, B, G & A which roughly translates to any frequency between 518-865 MHz. The only problem that your average wireless microphone user may have with Sennheiser, is the fact that the cheapest EW100 system will cost you just over £500. Although you are assured a product that will meet the challenges of any gig, the price point is a little bit over most user’s budget. In the past the only cheap Sennheiser system you could buy would be the FREEPORT systems however, they are not in the same league as any other Sennheiser system. Things have now changed . . . Introducing the new XSW range. The XS Wireless series brings the high end feel and Sennheiser quality to a system that costs around £299. Finally Sennheiser have a quality system in reach of the average consumer. The XS Wireless is now a true entry product in to the professional audio world. These systems give you the reliable transmission and sound quality you would expect from the ranges above but with a price tag over £200 off. For those looking to run just a couple of systems, a channel 70 option is available. For those touring and wanting 10 system running on channel 38, it is now possible with the XS Wireless. Like their other ranges, you have the choice of the Sennheiser XSW12 Lapel Wireless system Sennheiser XSW35 Handheld Wireless system Sennheiser XSW65 Condenser handheld Wireless system Sennheiser XSW52 Headset wireless system Sennheiser XSW72 Instrument wireless system. Whatever your needs, the XSW has a system to fulfill it. The whole XSW Wireless Microphone range is now shipping and EAV can offer you some great deals. Give us a call and we will be happy to help - 0845 125 9409

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