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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Wireless Microphone Frequencies - Your Existing Systems

    As many of you know, in December of this year, there are going to be some big changes to the frequencies available for wireless microphone users. For many of you it means parting with some cash and replacing your wireless microphones. For people that only use one or two systems, you may be able to tune them within channel 70 which is, and will continue to be, free to use. Before these changes were announced, most people bought wireless microphones that include the frequencies of channel 69 and 70. Channel 69 is being sold off but channel 70 isn’t therefore, using the frequencies we have listed below, you may be able to re-tune your units and continue to run them past 2012. Channel 70 is a small band and you can fit a maximum of four wireless microphones on it.

    Here is a list of our biggest selling wireless microphones. Please take a look at the bands they run on, if your systems are on this band, you will be able to tune in to channel 70. If you have any questions or your wireless systems are not listed, just give us a call or drop us an email. Alternatively, use or Wireless Microphone Frequency Checker tool.

    Wireless Systems with a numbered display

    These systems show a number or letter on the receiver rather than a specific frequency

    ATW1600 Series – F Band – Tune to: C (863.125MHz), D (863.375), E (864.125MHz) or F (864.375MHz) .

    ATW2000 Series – F Band – Tune to: 1 (863.1MHz), 2 (863.5MHz), 3 (864.1MHz) or 4 (864.9MHz) .

    ATW700 Series – F Band – Tune to: 1 (864.9MHz), 2 (864.5MHz), 3 (863.5MHz) or 4 (863.1MHz) .

    Frequency Displayed Systems.

    The following units actually show you the frequency they are tuned to on the receiver.

    ATW3000 Series – F Band – Tune to: 863.1, 863.5, 864.1 and/or 864.9MHz.

    Sennheiser EW100 & EW300 (G1,G2,G3) E Band – Tune to 863.1, 863.5, 864.1 and/or 864.9MHz.

    Trantec S5 series – D Band - Tune to 863.1, 863.5, 864.1 and/or 864.9MHz.

    If the changes are confusing you or you want any futher information, please call our sales team. We are happy to help you with all your wireless microphone problems.

  • Yamaha DXR Active PA Speakers Now Shipping

    Yamaha are now shipping their new DXR range of active PA Speakers. EAV Pro Audio have already started selling them and we are very impressed with the features these speakers have. At the bottom of this post is a little overview video.

    The DXR Series of PA speakers consists of four full-range speakers; the Yamaha DXR8, the Yamaha DXR10, The Yamaha DXR12 and finally the Yamaha DXR15. Obviously the numbers reflect the woofer size of the speaker. The speakers are perfect for any front of house sound needs as well as being great as monitors or even in a rigged application. All the DXR speakers have class-D amplifiers that deliver 1100watts of power even in the little 8 inch version. Each speaker also includes an onboard 3 channel mixer, this makes them perfect for simple vocal and backing track scenarios. The speakers are moulded in rugged, non-resonant ABS enclosures. They have dual angle pole-mount sockets and can also be hung from their rigging points.

    The DXR Speakers also have the active DXS subs which compliment them perfectly and adds the bass needed to get that massive sound. The video below gives you a little more detail about the features found on these cracking PA speakers.

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