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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • FBT EvoMaxX PA Speakers now online at EAV Pro Audio

    Adding to our range of FBT PA Speakers comes the EvoMaxX range. Similar to the ProMaxX, the EvoMaxX has a range of speakers in both active and passive versions. Price wise, the Evo MaxX comes in a little under their Pro cousins.

    FBT Audio over in Italy designed the EvoMaxX with one thing in mine and that is value for money. They are a lightweight speaker built in a sturdy polypropylene cabinets that features a monitor taper designed which makes them a true versatile speaker. Whether you require a front of house speaker for your band PA or an installation speaker, the EvoMaxX is the perfect choice.

    We have also added accessories such as speaker covers and cables that are available on each product page. Take a look at the full range of EvoMaxx speakers below

    FBT EVoMaxX 2 FBT EVoMaxX 2a FBT EVoMaxX 4 FBT EVoMaxX 4a FBT EVoMaxX 6 FBT EVoMaxX 6a FBT EVoMaxX 9SA Sub

  • Racked & Ready Wireless Microphone Solutions

    EAV Pro Audio have been flying the flag for racked & racked up wireless microphones since Trantec first unveiled to the world their systems. Since then, we have supplied racked systems to schools, hire companies, churches and engineers all across the UK. Now in early 2012, the choice for Racked and Ready wireless microphones has just got bigger. Trantec Racked and Ready Wireless Microphones The old classic, and still going strong are the Trantec systems. In their budget 4.16 range you can get a 4, 6, & 8 way system that will do you for most applications. If you want to move up in quality and quantity then the S5.3 will give you 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 way systems. Even better stillm, their S5.5 systems will do all the above and there are talks of a 16 way system coming very soon. All the Trantec racked systems come with antennae distribution and an option for a remote antennae kit is always there. You get the choice of either handheld transmitters or lapel bodypacks. Trantec Racked and Ready Wireless mics Sennheiser eRack Sennheiser are renowned the world over for their quality radio mics. The eRack offers you a four way racked up system of either their EW100, EW300 or EW500 wireless systems with full antennae distribution. You can pick and choice which systems you require from their ranges of handheld, lapel, headset, instrument and condenser. They come racked in a Sennheiser branded case with a draw for your transmitters to sit in Sennheiser ERack Wireless Microphone Audio Technica 700 Series On A Budget The budget 700 series racked units have been a big seller for EAV. The 8 way or 12 way systems allow you to have multiple wireless systems running at once. Now the 700 series have attached antennae which mean you cannot run antennae distribution however, I personally installed one of the 12 way systems into a nearby college and they had no issues running the system from the back of a hall. 700 series racked up wireless microphones Want more than the above options? We just call or email us. No matter what type of racked and ready system you require, we can build one in house for you. Just because the manufacturers don’t list a racked up system of wireless microphones, it doesn’t mean we cant make you one. Give us a call or drop us an email now and we will build what you need. See what we have on our website in our wireless microphone racked and ready section.

  • Allen & Heath GLD Digital Mixing System

    EAV Pro Audio have justed added the new Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital mixer and the AR84 and AR2412 audio racks to our website. We have also put some bundle packages together to help you get on your way. Below is a little info taken from the Allen & Heath website regarding the GLD digital mixing system GLD inherits the key benefits of our iLive pro touring system and makes them affordable for the kinds of hardworking rental companies, houses of worship and live venues that have used and loved our GL series analogue mixers for many years. GLD is more than a mixer—it’s a complete digital mixing system. Our dSNAKE Cat5 digital multicore together with our plug ‘n’ play audio racks and expanders make it simple and affordable to build the system as your needs grow. Networking cards let you link GLD systems, make multi-track recordings or connect with other systems. An AviomTM compatible Monitor port allows connection to personal monitoring systems. Analogue veterans, digital converts and novices alike will feel at home with GLD, thanks to a balance of WYSIWYG analogue-style controls and intuitive touchscreen interface. The layout and appearance of the GLD-80 can be customised quickly and easily, providing an interface that logically mirrors your application and puts the operator at their ease. As you would expect from Allen & Heath, GLD delivers outstanding audio performance, with a new high-end mic preamp, low latency and the DSP muscle to provide full processing without compromise. GLD-80’s FX engines are taken directly from the iLive system and feature beautifully crafted emulations of industry classics. Finally, a system that delivers all the benefits of digital mixing at the price of an analogue mixer—and that’s before you think about all the outboard gear it replaces. Our full range of GLD products is below. Also, check ouyt the video at the bottom of the page for a deeper look at the GLD-80 Digital mixer and the whole GLD package.

    Allen & Heath GLD-80 Digital Mixing Desk Allen & Heath GLD-AR84 Expander Audio Rack Allen & Heath GLD-AR2412 Audio Rack Allen & Heath GLD Expanded Digital Mixing System - GLD-80, AR84 and AR2412 Allen & Heath GLD Standard Digital Mixing System - GLD-80 and AR2412 Allen & Heath GLD Basic Digital Mixing System - GLD-80 and AR84

  • Busy adding new products -Yamaha, FBT, Sennheiser and More

    EAV Pro Audio have been working hard to get more products on to our website to give you even more choice. With new manufacturer FBT under our belt, their will be the complete range coming soon. Until then, here is the most popular ProMaxX series FBT ProMaxX 15Sa
    FBT ProMaxX 10a
    FBT ProMaxX 10
    FBT ProMaxX 12a
    FBT ProMaxX 12
    FBT ProMaxX 14a
    FBT ProMaxX 14

    We have also just added the new Sennheiser XSW wireless microphones which will land in the UK very soon. Pre-order yours before the first UK shipment sells out. According to the Sennheiser sales team, they are selling fast. Here is the line up Sennheiser XSW 65
    Sennheiser XSW 52
    Sennheiser XSW 72
    Sennheiser XSW 12
    Sennheiser XSW 35

    Yamaha are about to release their hot new active loudspeaker, the DXR range. They look fantastic and by all accounts they perform like a speaker twice their price. The full range is now on EAV and we have added the DSR also Yamaha DXS12
    Yamaha DXS15
    Yamaha DXR8
    Yamaha DXR10
    Yamaha DXR12
    Yamaha DXR15
    Yamaha DSR118W
    SYamaha DSR215
    Yamaha DSR115
    Yamaha DSR112
    If there is a product that you want that isnt listed on EAV pro Audio, give us a call. The chances are we can get whatever you are after in the pro audio world.

  • FBT ProMaxX PA Speakers – Full Range on EAV

    EAV Pro Audio are happy to announce that FBT speakers are now part of our PA speakers roster. The Italian brand of speakers sound fantastic and are at a great price point. The ProMaxX range consists of both active and passive speakers and a couple of subs to boot.

    According to FBT, the ProMaxX Speaker Series “raises the bar to new heights for lightweight powered speaker systems”. Along with their passive cousins, the speakers are perfect for many different environments such as band PA, DJ’s, Audio / Video Contractors and general Sound Reinforcement . A few of the features of these speakers are listed below

    • NEW! 14” B&C LF neodymium magnet woofer with 3” VCfeatured in the PROMaxX 14a
    • Custom made neodymium magnet for FBT by B&Cfeatured in all speakers
    • The latest generation of B&C HF neodymium magnet compression drivers
    • FBT’s latest Class D, LF and HF power amplifiers with high efficiency switch mode power supplies
    • FBT’s new Digital Signal Processor with 8 factory equalization presets
    • 4 powered models (three two-way speaker systems in gas-injected polypropylene molded cabinets and a sub with a Baltic birch plywood enclosure), and 3 passive
    • Proprietary filtered algorithms, dynamic equalization at low frequencies, advanced energy control
    • 3 monitor tapers for use as a floor wedge at 12°, 45°, 55°
    • Two integrated ergonomically placed carrying handles, M10 fly points, top-hat speaker stand socket

    The complete range of ProMaxX PA speakers are listed below

  • New Premium MGP mixers from Yamaha

    Yamaha go premium with the their new range of mixers. The MGP series of mixers add features to their popular MG series mixers that turn them in to a professional standard of mixing desk at a price point to suit most people’s budget. There are two mixers in the range, the MGP12X and the MG16X. Both mixers feature studio grade class A pre-amps, musical X-pressive EQ, Yamaha’s unique one knob compression, high grade digital effects, stereo hybrid channels and much more. They really have taken the basics of an analogue desk and added features usually found on digital mixing desks. The video at the end of this post goes a little deeper in to the features of the mixers. Take a look at the Yamaha MGP12X or the Yamaha MGP16X mixer on EAV now.

  • New XSW Wireless Microphone Systems from Sennheiser

    Sennheiser have launched a new range of wireless microphones that bridge the gap between the EW100 series and the low end Freeport systems. The new XSW wireless range provides you with the quality and reliability you expect from a Sennheiser system but at a price point over £200 less than an EW100. Within the range are all the usual suspects. The Sennheiser XSW-35 is a dynamic handheld systems that encorporates the E835 microphone capsule. The Sennheiser XSW-12 is the lapel system that has the ME2 lapel microphone. The Sennheiser XSW-65 is the condenser handheld microphone systems. The Sennheiser XSW72 is the instrument system and the Sennheiser XSW-52 is the headset wireless system. Take a look at the systems above and you will see that Sennheiser have finally given us a quality system at a budget that suits most people. These systems are currently available to pre-order from EAV pro Audio and ordering now will get you one off the first UK shipment. This has an ETA of March 2012.

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