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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • Local Authority Entertainment Licence No Longer Needed for Small UK Venues

    A breakthrough has happened in the world of Live music. Both the UK music industry and the MIA (Music Industry Association)are happy to announce that small venues do not now require a “local Authority entertainment licence”. This hopefully means that more small venues in the UK can get back to hosting live music. In the past, small venues have had to jump through hoops and pay-out for a license to host live music events and thanks to Live Music Bill passing its third reading in the House of Commons, this is no longer the case. The CEO of the MIA, Paul McManus states “This is wonderful news and a great day for live music”. As a musician who relies on small venues and their live music nights, I and the rest of the EAV Pro Audio team (who are also musicians) got a little excited this morning on reading the news. So to all the pubs that are in need of updating their PA speakers or require a new mixing desk ready for the onslaught of bands that are queuing up at your doors, give EAV pro Audio a call.

  • JHS become Carlsbro & Studiomaster distributors

    JHS have just announced that they are now the UK distributers of Carlsbro & Studiomaster. It comes a few weeks after the announcement that they no longer distribute Allen & Heath which, as of February 1st, will be distributors by vocal Microphone & instrument mic giants, Audio Technica. It’s been a while since Carlsbro have been a name on the Pro Audio scene and JHS are tasked with reminding dealers why it was once such a strong brand of PA speakers and backline. Studiomaster seems to be their replacement for Allen & Heath and their mixing consoles. Like the loss of Allen & Heath, the distribution of Carlsbro and Studiomaster will officially come in to place on February 1st 2012. EAV are JHS dealers and will be able to provide their customers with the full range of Carlsbro PA speakers and Studiomaster mixing desks. Give us a call if you are interested in any of the ranges.

  • Wireless Microphones - Channel 69 now available untill December

    JFMG have announced that the Ofcom have extended the use of Channel 69 wireless microphones until December 31st 2012. This will allow radio microphone users who current tune to one or more of the 14 shared UHF channels within channel 69 to continue their use for another 11/12 months. As most of you know, channel 69 will eventually be unavailable to wireless mic users and the new channel 38 will completely replace it. Channel 38 is currently available to use in most areas in the UK. If you want more information regarding wireless microphones and the 2012 changeovers, give EAV Pro Audio a call and we will advise you on what is best. We have a massive selection of channel 38 wireless microphones from nearly all of the top manufacturers. We also have a great range of channel 70 wireless microphones which is a small free band that will remain after 2012.

  • Wharfedale Kinetic - New Budget Passive Speakers

    Wharfedale have just launched a new series of budget Passive PA speakers and called them 'Kinetic'. Although at the time of writing EAV Pro Audio have yet to hear these speakers, being Wharfedale we are sure that they will offer a professional sound well above their price point. The range consists of an small 8" speaker in the form of the Kinetic 8, as expected a 12" PA speaker and a 12" floor wedge aptly named The Kinetic 12 and Kinetic 12M. A standard 15" PA speaker can be found in the Kinetic 15. The range also offers you the Kinetic 215, Kinetic 153 and lastly the 18" sub Kinetic 18B. More to follow on new Wharfedale Professional products very soon. EAV Pro Audio offer the full range of Wharfedale Professional PA speakers, Give us a call if you wish to know more.

  • Audio Technica to distribute Allen & Heath in the UK

    Audio Technica to distribute Allen & Heath in the UK were the headlines EAV Pro Audio received this morning via an email from Allen & Heath. As some people may know, Audio Technica already distributes Allen & Heath in Germany and it seemed a logical idea to have them distribute A&H in the UK also. Allen and Heath state “We are very keen to continue to provide great service to our UK dealers and customers, and we know that Audio-Technica’s experience of our brand will be invaluable when it comes to understanding the specific needs of this market” The current distributors of most A&H mixers is JHS and this will come to an end ready for AT take over on February 1st 2012. EAV Pro Audio are excited by the news and hope in will further their already strong relationship with Audio Technica. EAV are main dealers with Audio Technica and supply their full range of Wireless microphones and vocal microphones and this change over of distribution now allows EAV to provide you with the whole range of Allen & Heath's mixers.

  • Happy New Year To You All - Some New Year AV Deals

    It’s a little late but EAV Pro Audio would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2011 was a busy year for us with website development, moving premises and general sales. Despite the workload, we hope 2012 continues to be just as busy. We would like to remind everyone that we are having a winter sale on 100’s of pro AV products including Wireless microphones from many manufactures. We have a selection of PA speakers to clear and PA Power Amplifiers. We also have a great selection of vocal microphones to give your voice a boost and not forgetting some portable recorders to boot. Check out the full sale in our Winter Sale Section. So once again, Happy New Year and let’s hope 2012 is a great one for us all

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