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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • New Tascam iM2 Recorder for iPod, iPad and iPhone - Get yours first

    EAV Pro Audio are now taking pre-orders for the all new Tascam iM2 recorder. The iM2 is designed to clip into the docking slot on your ipod and turn it into a portable recorder using the on-boar condenser mics. The iM2 microphones are the same as the ones found on the best selling Tascam DR-Recorders such as the DR-07 MKII and the DR-05. It records at CD quality and is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad, iPad 2. The ultra-portable iM2 is a must have for musicians who want to capture gigs, practices or ideas on their iPhone or iPad without sacrificing recording quality. It's the perfect recording accessory for musicians. The very first UK shipment of the iM2 is expected in January 2012 and with only a limited amount coming on that shipment, EAV are now taking pre-orders so you guarantee one from the first delivery. Order your Tascam iM2 today and dont be disappointed come the new year. Think of it as extending your Christmas :) im2

  • Pro Audio Christmas Gift Ideas

    Whether you are looking for a great gift for a music enthusiast or are looking to treat yourself this Christmas, EAV Pro Audio have some great ideas for you. All items are ready to ship and available NOW.

    1) Tascam DR-05 & DR-07 MKII Portable Handheld Recorders

    EAV Pro Audio has recently dropped our prices on these amazing portable recorders. The DR-05 & its big brother the DR-07 MKII are great for capturing on the fly recordings, band practices and basic field recordings. Both feature on-board condenser microphones and record on to SD (SD micro for the DR-05). What’s more, they come with a 2GB card. TASCAM DR07 MKII

    2) Yamaha MG102C Mixer

    The Yamaha MG102C is a great small format mixer that gives you four mic channels and two stereo channels. The first two mic channels also feature Yamaha’s one knob compression system which is great for live work. Whether you need a compact main mixer, or a secondary utility mixer for a larger setup the Yamaha MG102C is the perfect mixer MG102C

    3) AKG D5 Vocal Microphone

    The AKG D5 is a great lead vocal mic at a price that is affordable. The mic is designed to be pushed further than most dynamic vocal mics before any feedback occurs. The AKG D5 has crisp sound that cuts through every mix. EAV also provide this mic with a FREE 6m XLR cable AKG D5I

    4) Rode NT1A Studio Pack

    When you think of studio microphones then Rode always come to mind first. The NT1A studio pack is the perfect choice for those needing a quality studio condenser mic at an affordable price. This pack comes with the NT1 microphone, a pop shield and a shock mount. A truly amazing deal at less than £150 Rode NT1A

    5) Audio Technica M30/M40/M20 Headphones

    Audio Technica have a great range of studio headphones that are perfect for home studios and professional ones. We stock all the AT headphones and are ready to ship on demand. AT HeadphonesI

    6) Presonus Audiobox Studio Package

    Do you want to turn your PC/MAC or laptop into a full professional recording studio? If you like the sound of that and want to do it for less than £200 then the Audiobox is for you. Consisting of a 2 channel USB and MIDI interface, a studio grade condenser microphone, headphones and Presonus’ own Studio One recording software. An amazing bundle of products to make your computer a pro studio. Presonus Audiobox

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