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Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • Wireless Radio Mics - Now, 2012 and Beyond

    OK, so by now most of you know that there are changes ahead with regards to the frequencies that you are able to run Radio mics on. I say most of you, as we are still finding that some people haven’t even heard of what is happening come 2012. EAV pro audio would like to inform you of what we know as of the time of writing. First off, if you only use one or two wireless microphones and they are currently being run on the FREE deregulated band of channel 70 (863-865MHz) then don’t panic. This free band is staying past 2012 and you will still be able to run your radio mics on that band and have to pay no license. Currently, you can usually fit four wireless microphones into channel 70 however, no one knows just how crowded that band may become once the changes take effect(I will outline these below). You may find that with more and more people using channel 70 past 2012 you will struggle to get four systems running without interference. Obviously, if you are using them in a location where no other wireless users are present or located nearby then you still shouldn’t have any issues running four systems simultaneously on that band. The actual change that is taking place is with regards to the current ‘Shared Band’ which is located on channel 69 (854-862MHz) This is/was a band that you currently paid a license for (about £86 a year) and for that fee you were able to use around 8 (maybe up to 12) wireless systems all around the country. Essentially, it was mainly used for bands, DJ’s and anyone that tours. It was also used for people in fixed locations that needed to run more than 4 wireless systems or people that found the FREE band impossible to use due to congestion. Basically, in 2012, channel 69 is being sold off and being used by digital TV or mobile phone use. Therefore, the band will be unusable for wireless mics as your systems will simply not work without constant interference. A new frequency band all the way down the frequency spectrum is/has being opened up and allocated for wireless users on channel 38 (606-614MHz). This will be/is the new shared frequency band. The problem is, no one radio mic that you currently own has both channel 69 and channel 38, therefore, if you require multiple wireless system, you will have to buy new radio mics on the new band. EAV Pro Audio have a massive range of wireless microphones on channel 38 and are always happy to have a chat with you regarding these changes and if they will affect you. You will notice that most of our wireless microphones on our website now have two options when you purchase them. These relate to which frequency band you wish to buy them on. We have made this option a necessary click so you are sure which system you require. If you are a school, church or a venue in a fixed location, you could look at buying what is known as a fixed site license. These are frequencies that you buy and only you are allowed to run wireless microphones on them. These licenses are a little more expensive (about £168 per channel block or ) however, you do get the security that you and only you are using that band. Give us a call if you feel this is for you.

  • Wireless Microphone Systems - JFMG Channel 61-69 Update

    This is taken directly from a JFMG email that has just come in 14/06/2011 Annual licenses in Channel 61-69 reminder From 1st July 2012 to the 1st October 2012 access to TV Channels 61 – 69 will only be available in London, North East England and Northern Ireland*. From the 1st October 2012 access to Channels 61 – 69 will cease completely. However, the availability of these channels will be reviewed in the Autumn of 2011 and access may be extended to 31st December 2012 at the latest. Until such time as the dates above are confirmed annual licenses within Channels 61 – 69 will continue to be issued. If an annual licence is issued with an expiry date after 1st July 2012 (or 1st October 2012 in London, North East England and Northern Ireland) and access to Channels 61 – 69 ends on 1st July 2012 (or 1st October 2012 in London, North East England and Northern Ireland) then the licence will be revoked in accordance with Ofcom’s Wireless Telegraphy General Licence Conditions, specifically Paragraph 1.2 (e). [for reasons related to the management of the radio spectrum] If access to Channels 61 – 69 is extended to 31st December 2012 then all annual licences will expire on their due date, but no later than 31st December 2012. Therefore, any licences issued after 1st January 2012 will be for the remainder of 2012 and will expire on 31st December 2012. Licence fees for annual assignments are based on a fees cap of 4 X 48 hour periods so there are no financial penalties on the licensee nor will there be any refund payments as a result of a licence revocation as described above. *London, North East England and Northern Ireland refer to the TV regions, London, Tyne Tees and UTV respectively. Remember, EAV Pro Audio are fully up to date with the wireless changes and you are more than welcome to give us a call regarding this. Also, we are stocking a massive range of Wireless Microphones both on channel 38 and the FREE band channel 70 which is staying past 2012

  • HK Audio At Glastonbury

    HK Speakers have once again been picked for John Peel Stage at this year’s Glastonbury festival. Great artists such as Noah and The Whale, The Coral and The Streets will be blasting their tunes out through HK Audio speakers. EAV Pro Audio deal with the complete HK range that includes great products such as the HK Actor DX and the HK Premium Pro12MA Active monitors. In fact, we trust the brand so much we have two Actor DX systems on our hire stock. The sound at Glastonbury is a touchy subject with artists and festival goers alike and any manufacturer putting their speakers up for show must take the rough with the smooth. In 2007 The Killers suffered a huge reduction in sound levels in order to adhere to licensing regulations. Michael Eavis, the festival organiser claimed the problem was a result of "unusual meteorological conditions" the sound levels were eventually raised to calm the crowd. Big rock stars such as Liam Gallagher has claimed in a News of The World article regarding Glastonbury "The sound is really shit and quiet." He goes on to say he wouldn’t ever play the festival again.

  • DB Technologies Opera MEGA DEAL - Free Covers, Stands and Prices lowered

    For a very limited time, EAV are offering you a FREE pair of speaker stands and covers with any pair of dB Opera 200, 400 and 600 series of speakers. Not just that, we have just checked all our prices on the DB Technologies Opera range to make sure we are giving you the best deal possible. Essentially, we have lowered our prices and giving you FREE stands and free covers. There is not much to say other than check out the full range below. Opera 208D Speaker Opera 210D Speaker Opera 410D Speaker Opera 402D Speaker Opera 405D Speaker Opera 602D Speaker Opera 605D Speaker Opera 610D Speaker

  • Audio Technica are offering you a 'Buy Back' on 3000 series

    This straight from an Audio Technica mailshot that we thought we would share with you. "3000 Series Buy-Back Programme Audio-Technica is delighted to announce the start of our 3000 Series Buy-Back Programme designed to enable users to halve the cost associated with purchasing a new wireless system. How Does It Work? Any E or F-Band Audio-Technica 3000 Series wireless system purchased and not registered for our Wireless Upgrade Pass within 30 days of purchase can now be traded in entitling you to a 50% discount from the RRP of a new system. Simply register your contact and product details with us by completing the form below and a member of the Audio-Technica team will be in touch. Once we have received and verified your old 3000 series wireless system we will be able to help you choose a brand new wireless system that best fits your requirements. Is my 3000 series wireless system eligible for exchange? The 3000 series Buy-Back Programme covers all 3000a and 3000b wireless systems purchased and not registered for the Audio-Technica Wireless Upgrade Pass within 30 days of purchase. If you're not sure whether your system is eligible you can contact our team who will be happy to help you. Do I need to use the buy-back programme? It is important to remember that it will still be possible in 2012 to use up to four F-band Audio-Technica wireless systems together in the deregulated space of channel 70. No licence is required in this area of the spectrum. If you currently own four or less F-band Audio-Technica 3000 Series wireless systems it may be that you do not need to purchase new wireless systems. If you would like to discuss your options, contact our team today on 0113 277 1441 or by emailing sales@audio-technica.co.uk" Hope that all made sense. Remember, we stock the full range of Audio Technica Wireless Microphones and Audio Technica Wired Mics. Give us a call or drop an email if you want to know anymore

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