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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • A Merry Christmas and a few Special Deals

    EAV Pro Audio would like to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a super New Year. 2011 is set to be a great year for us and have been hearing, from our suppliers, of some great new audio and visual products that will be coming out next year. To kick start 2011 and to end 2010 we have started our winter sale and it is full of great deals. Take a look here – Winter AV Sale What’s more, from today until January 4th we have a few special deals running that can only be available for a week or until the stock clears. Take a look at the sale now and fill you boots. Once again, Merry Christmas The EAV team

  • Last few days for Govenment Wireless Microphone Funding

    Ofcom are issuing statements to remind licensed wireless users that the deadline for registration for the Government funding scheme ends on 31st December 2010. Channel 38 is the replacement frequency band for the current shared band 69 but any user with existing microphones will need to either replace or modify any channel 69 systems to work on channel 38. For EAV Pro Audio’s guide to the wireless change over click here – ‘Wireless Microphones Changes 2012’ Who is eligible for funding? Eligible applicants for funding will have held a valid WT Act channel 69 licence for at least part of the period between 3 February 2008 and 2 February 2009 inclusive. The only exceptions to this rule will be hiring companies that can prove their channel 69 business exclusively involves renting out (and not installing or operating) channel 69 equipment. The equipment you require funding for must be in working condition and capable of tuning to channel 69 but obviously not to channel 38. It must also have been bought before 30 June 2009 and proof of this will be required. If you believe yourself to be eligible for funding must register their claim by 31 December 2010. Any claim received after this date will not be accepted under the terms of the funding scheme. To register online please visit www.pmsefunding.co.uk. Alternatively, you may call the helpline free of charge on 0800 011 3617. EAV Have a massive range of wireless systems that will run on the new Channel 38. Please visit our Channel 38 Wireless Mic page

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