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Monthly Archives: December 2009

  • EAV Winter Sale - NOW ON

    EAV are reducing prices on loads of products this winter. Starting today we are reducing some great PA Speakers, PA Amplifiers and Wireless Radio Mics along with Vocal Microphones and general AV equipment. Take a look at our complete sale range here

  • Beat the VAT Increase with our Clearance Stock Products

    A full clearance list with exclusive prices is going out in the next few days to our eshot subscribers. Don't miss out. Email sales@e-av.co.uk and ask to be put on the mailing list for this great chance of a bargain.

  • Sennheiser Say G3 Systems will be Future Proof

    Sennheiser are stating that their G3 systems are future proof against any changes in 2012....But it will cost. The Sennheiser G3 systems include the popular EW135 vocal system and the EW122 Lapel system and took over from the Sennheiser G2 Wireless Microphones earlier in 2009. With the changes in wireless laws coming in 2012 Sennheiser are saying they will take back any G3 system sold and make in able to run down at channel 38 if needs be. There will be a cost for doing this and as yet it has not been decided what that cost will be. They have also release a handy document that explains the changes. Please click here to read it. EAV are doing all we can to ensure you know what is happening come 2012 and are happy to talk to anyone who wants a personal explanation. We also have just opened up our 'Future Proof' wireless section which will contain a list of systems that are already or can be modified to be 2012 proof. Just remember this. If you only use your wireless systems on the deregulated frequency band of channel 70 then you WILL be still able to use your systems come 2012. It will only really affect you if you use multiple systems that need to run on the licensed channel of 69.

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