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Allen & Heath iLive | Allen and Heath Digital Mixers

Allen & Heath Ilive

Digital Mixing desks

The Allen & Heath Ilive Digital mixing systems have taken the digital mixer to the very next level. Each iLive system is made up of a Mixrack which is known as the brains of the system and a controller which obviously controls your inputs and outputs. These two bits of kit connect together via a single Cat5 cable and then talk to each other to make your sound system come alive

Allen & Heath iLive – The IDR MixRack

At the very center of the iLive series is the Mixrack. It is essentially the mixer that houses the DSP, most of the I/O, networking and control interfaces. In fact, you can do away with the controller and simply download an app for your tablet or laptop and sync it to the Mixrack. The fixed format Mixrack comes in various sizes that relate to the amount of physical inputs on the actual unit, the iDR-64 (64 mic inputs), iDR-48 (48 mic Inputs), IDR-32 (32 mic inputs) and finally the iDR-16 (16 Mic Inputs).

Allen and Heath iLive

Allen & Heath iLive – The Surface

The fixed format iLive surfaces are the controllers for the IDR mixracks. They all have a few local inputs on also. The beauty of the surfaces are their analogue styling that makes them simple to use. All the surfaces do the same job but the differences are in the amount of physical faders. This allows you to have the large iLive-T112 if you want 28 faders in front of you or if you want a compact surface then you could look at the iLive-R72 which has 12 fader. In-between the two is the iLive-T80 which consists of 20 faders. You can still run all 64 inputs of the iDR-64 on each one of the surfaces but the smaller you go the more levels you need to go through.

Allen and Heath iLive Bundle

Allen & Heath iLive – Bundles

To help you on your way we have put together some bundles of Mixracks and surfaces. I think we have covered every base but please call us if you have a specific requirement

  • Allen & Heath iLive R72 and Mixrack IDR16 Bundle
  • Allen & Heath iLive T112 and Mixrack IDR64 Bundle
  • Allen & Heath iLive T112 and Mixrack IDR32 Bundle
  • Allen & Heath iLive T112 and Mixrack IDR48 Bundle
  • Allen & Heath iLive T80 and Mixrack IDR48 Bundle
  • Allen & Heath iLive T80 and Mixrack IDR32 Bundle