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Allen & Heath GL2400-40 Mixing Console inc Power Supply

Quick Overview

The Allen & Heath GL2400 Mixer has been totally re-engineered from the old GL2200 series of consoles. The A&H GL2400-40 Mixing console can be used as a Front of House or Monitor console it has a 7 x 4 Matrix and many other features.
As pioneers of dual functionality, we've ensured that every detail of the concept has been carefully implemented in the GL2400. When mixing at Front of House, the mixer provides combinations of pre- and post-fade aux sends on a per-channel basis for stage mixes (post-fade control is essential for radio mics in a theatre!) We give you the choice. For example, a pre-insert, pre-eq option is available per channel for the direct outputs and aux sends.

As a monitor engineer, you'll be delighted to find all your available aux sends can be post fade and are controlled by fader masters with output mutes (so you can AFL mics before switching on), inserts and balanced XLR drive. And we give you an engineer's monitor wedge fader and XLR output.


We have redesigned our audio performance -the figures speak for themselves, but above all, it will satisfy the most demanding situations, whether it's a hot AV feed or XLR input where the maximum input capability is 34dBu! From our new low-noise mix amp through to the differential balanced 26dBu outputs, everything's been thoughtfully designed to ensure the best sonic performance possible, which is why we always insist on individual vertical PCB's and copper bus bar grounding. Third Fader

There are three master faders on the GL2400. Our flexible M output allows you to create a centre-fill or sub-bass mix from Aux 6 which means you can dial in exactly what you need from each channel - yet more choice! Naturally, it can be a mono sum of the LR mix, but it can also be configured as your monitor wedge output, and it has a balanced XLR and mute.


The 7x4 matrix is a big feature for corporate AV work, specialised recording feeds and personal monitoring. We have provided a smart external input facility: plug into the external input on Matrix 1 and it's normalised to the other matrix mixes. Combine this with the mic out facility on the stereo input channels to provide an ambient mix for IEM. Each matrix output derives its mixes from the L&R busses, groups 1-4 (even in monitor mode) and the external input which has a pot control. Of course, each output has an illuminated mute switch.

Stereo and master section

The master section has been carefully planned to offer the engineer easy control of all facilities. The vertical format provides an intuitive layout of the engineer's output controls. The Engineer's Toolbox contains a signal generator and talkback section to check outputs using a 1kHx tone or pink noise, or talk to pairs of auxes or main outputs. A 2-track replay with level is provided for background music, as are phones and local monitor outputs. Two 4-pin sockets are provided for lamps - e.g. the ALLEN&HEATH LEDLamp.

Our dual stereo channels allow you to mix combinations of stereo line signals on each channel, giving you 4 stereo inputs, each one switchable between the channel strip an the LR mix. These also feature XLR mic inputs with phantom power and a mic out for even more flexibility.


  • 16, 24, 32, 40 channel frames
  • LR and M main mix
  • 4 Audio groups with pan control
  • 6 Auxiliary sends with per-channel pre/post fader aux switching
  • 2 stereo channels each with mic and dual stereo line inputs
  • 7x4 Matrix
  • Proper dual functionality for FOH/Monitor mixing
  • M can be configured as LR sum, Wedge, or Aux-Fed Sub or C master
  • Recording capable with channel direct outputs
  • Matrix external inputs with level trims and common input capability
  • Responsive 4 band, 2 sweep EQ
  • Individual phantom power and Polarity switching
  • Dedicated Channel, Master and stereo Monitor meters
  • Internal jumper plugs for pre/post-EQ aux, direct out and other options
  • Mutes on all fader masters
  • Assignable talkback
  • 1kHz oscillator / pink noise generator
  • 2-track monitoring and replay to LR
  • Headphones and local monitor outputs
  • Dedicated stereo monitor meters
  • Electronically balanced XLR outputs with 26dBu drive capability
  • Preamp 34dBu maximum input capability for mic or line
  • Ultra low noise mix head amp design
  • Internal power supply with redundant backup supply input
  • Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots and switches
  • Individual circuit card assembly with nutted pots
  • Manufacturer Allen and Health
    Passive or Powered Passive
    Number of Mic Inputs 40 Mic Input