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Professional Audio Equipment for Aerobics/Sports & Gyms

Professional Audio Equipment for Aerobics Instructors, Zumba Sessions and Fitness Centers

We have been supplying one of the biggest names in fitness centers in the UK with audio equipment for for their aerobics instructors, Zumba sessions and general fitness teams for the last couple of years. Through conversations with the Gym staff, we have a a list of audio equipment that is suitable for the high demands of the fitness world. We realise that a wireless headset that is used on a Broadway stage is not really going to be the best option for a fitness center or aerobics instructor who is jumping around and getting sweaty. This is why we have dedicated aerobics headset Microphones and other equipment that is designed for the fitness market. Below are a list of audio equipment such as wireless microphones, portable PA systems and music players that have been tried and tested in gyms across the UK and with traveling fitness instructors that need portability and quality.

You may order any of these products online direct from our website. If you are a fitness chain, give us a call and we may be able to invoice you. If you are looking at a quantity of products, get in touch and we may be able to do a quantity deal. If you are looking for a product that is not listed below, just call and we will track it down for you - 0845 125 9409


Portable PA Speaker and Wireless Headset System Package

We have been supplying aerobics and general fitness instructors with Wireless microphones that are designed to take the rigours of a workout for some time now. More and more of these instructors are now asking us for a portable speaker that they can take from venue to venue to use in their classes. By far, the most popular combo is the LD Systems PLAY12A speaker and the Samson Airline 77 wireless microphone system. Whilst the speaker is not battery powered, it is portable and this is why its become our most popular speaker for fitness instructors. Click here for more information

fitness bundle

Wireless Microphones - Headset Systems

One of the most common products asked for by fitness instructors is a wireless headset system that is designed to work in the fitness environment. We have supplied the following headsets to gyms across the country and the feedback has been great.


1) Samson Aerobics Airline 77 Wireless System

The Samson Aerobics system is similar to the Micro system in the sense that the headset contains the transmitter which eliminated the need for a bodypack and thus removing delicate cables. The aerobics system is more traditional in the sense that the receiver is a half rack size and the headset actually fits over both ears for extra grip. Through trials at a major fitness centre, we have found that the really active classes preferred having a headset over both ears. Click here for more information

Samson Airline 77


3) Trantec S4.4W Aerobics Wireless System

The Trantec S4.4W system is a traditional wireless microphone system. It comes with a receiver, a bodypack, a headset and also a special neoprene belt for butting your body pack in. Obviously with this system you still have a cable that goes between the headset and the body pack however, the headset itself was designed for the sports and aerobics industry. It has a sealed headband to help against sweat and is of a slimline design. Click here for more information

Trantec S4.4W

Portable PA Speaker

Having a great big PA system is often not suitable for fitness centers and completely out of the question for instructors that travel between centers and need their own sound system. We have a selection of portable PA speakers that can be carried to and from rooms and work on either battery or mains power.


1) LD Systems Roadman 102 - Portable Battery Powered PA system with wireless Headset included & CD Player Built In

This is an all in one solution for fitness instructors that are looking for a high powered portable speaker. It has a CD player built in that also takes an SD Card and USB stick. It can be battery powered or mains powered. It has a built in wireless system and comes with a headset. It also has multiple inputs for other mics and media players. This unit has a built in trolly handle and is powerful enough to fill a big room. Click here for more information

Alesis Transactive Mobile


2) LD Systems Play 12A and Play 15A Portable Speaker System

The LD Systems Play 12A and 15A portable active PA speakers look and performs like a professional PA speaker. The difference is the built-in USB and SD media player. Just pop some MP3's on a stick or SD card and play them directly through the speaker. They are perfect speakers for moving between studio's or for instructors moving between centers. Other inputs allow you to add a microphone for instructing your aerobics or Zumba classes. Click here for more information


Alesis Transactive Mobile


3) Yamaha Stagepas 600i Portable PA System

The Yamaha Stagepas 600i portable PA system is not a battery powered system and will need to be plugged in to the mains. The reason we have chosen this system is that it is still extremely portable. The mixer section, which has inputs for four mics and various other things, actually slots ion the back of one of the speakers when not in use. Your cables then fit in the back of the other speaker. You can buy speaker stands to fit with the speakers if you are keeping in in one studio permanently or if you are moving from venue, just pop them on the floor or on a table. The system is lightweight and can be carried from the car with one speaker in one hand and one in the other. Click here for more information

Stagepas 500

Mixers & Media Player - CD/MP3

The products below allow fitness centers to easily pump some tunes in to the classes via CD or on MP3. For those centers with a amp, speakers and a mixer, these media players can bring your classes alive.


1) CDUSB-1 Digital Media Player

This unit has CD playback but also MP3 playback from flash memory or external hard drives via the USB ports. The single and continuous playback allows for mixed CDs to play without interruption. The jog wheel can be used for pitch bend or frame search. A great media player for any fitness team. Click here for more information

CDUSB-1 CD Player


2) Tascam CD-200I

The Tascam CD-2i is a professional CD player that has an iPod dock built in to it. This gives you the best of both world and allows the instructor to have their music on their format of choice. The CD player will also support standard audio CD's MP3 or WAV playback. It comes with a remote but can be operated from the front controls. The CD player has built on rack ears so it can be placed in a 19" equipment rack. Click here for more information

Tascam CD200i


3) Alesis IMM9R Mixer

If your gym currently uses a mixer that feeds in to an amplifier, it may be time to upgrade to a better quality mixer with features that will help you. The Alesis IMM9R has a built in iPod dock and inputs for CD players, wireless microphones and more. It can be racked up in 19" rack unit also. If you are unsure of how your system is set up, give us a call and we may be able to help. Click here for more information

Alesis IMM9R

The products above are ones we have supplied in to the fitness industry and we know they have brought great results to the fitness instructors. However, these are not the only products that will be fitting for an instructor or gym. If you wish to discuss your needs then don't hesitate to give EAV Pro Audio a call on 0845 1259409 or drop us an email at sales@e-av.co.uk - We have a friendly staff who are happy to help.


You may order any of these products online direct from our website. If you are a fitness chain, give us a call and we may be able to invoice you. If you are looking at a quantity of products, get in touch and we may be able to do a quantity deal