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Aerobics Fitness PA System and Wireless Mic

Quick Overview

A perfect portable PA solution for aerobics and fitness instructors. Consists of a portable powered speaker and the Airline 77 wireless mic.
We have been supplying aerobics and general fitness instructors with Wireless microphones that are designed to take the rigours of a workout for some time now. More and more of these instructors are now asking us for a portable speaker that they can take from venue to venue to use in their classes. By far, the most popular combo is the LD Systems PLAY12A speaker and the Samson Airline 77 wireless microphone system.

The LD Systems Play12A is a portable powered speaker that offers many features whilst still keeping itself simple to use. Along with inputs for external sound sources like a CDs, MP3 player or a microphone, the LD Play12A has an integrated USB/SD input so you can run music files from there. It has a small graphic EQ for fine tuning your sound and can be mounted on stand if needs be. It delivers 180w of power which will be perfect for the majority of small to medium sized rooms. Take a look at the video below to see the features in actions

Whilst the speaker is not battery powered, it is portable and this is why its become our most popular speaker for fitness instructors.

The Samson Airline 77 Aerobics Headset wireless system is unique in the sense that there are no cables on the user. Unlike most other wireless headsets systems where there is a cable from the headset to a belt pack, the Airline 77 has the transmitter built in to the headset.

Our package includes
  • LD Play12A Speaker
  • The Samson Airline 77 Aerobics Headset system
  • 3m XLR cable for connecting the wireless system to the speaker
  • Phono to Mini Jack plug for plugging in an MP3 player to the speaker
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