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Sennheiser Tourguide Hearing System

A Tour guide audio system is designed to allow a presenter to talk directly to a group of listeners. Tourguide systems are usually portable wireless radio systems that allow the presenter and listeners the freedom to move around and still transmit/receive audio. They are commonly used in situations where it is hard for everyone to hear what is going on by just unaided speech alone or in environments where other people (not part of the group) are not wanting to be disturbed. At EAV Pro Audio, we are keen users and sellers of the Sennheiser 2020 Tourguide system and have sold it in to many different environments such as museums, universities, conference centres and other tourist attractions. The beauty of the Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D system is that it is designed for ease of use and also allows for an undisturbed listening experience for up to 6 different groups simultaneously. You have multiple options at both the transmitter and receiver end. For the listeners, you can choose the HDE 2020-D-II stephoset receiver that allows for a comfy receiver with built in headphones. If you would prefer to use standard headphones, the EK 2020-D-II has a mini-jack input for use with any MP3 player headphones. When it comes to transmitting audio, your SKM 2020-D Handheld mic offers the presenter the familiar feel of a vocal microphone in hand. The SK2020-D belt pack transmitter allows you to plug in a headset or use a lapel mic to deliver a hands free tour in that manner. There is also the SR2020-D transmitter which is a compact ‘high tech’ unit. It allows for events to be interpreted simultaneously in up to 8 languages. You can also connect other audio content such as CDs, DVDs or things from your IT network. You can also connect a microphone to the unit for announcements. All the transmitters and receivers can be charged using the portable 20-way charger or the larger 40-way charger. This makes sure that you are always running on full juice and nobody misses a word. 2020d If you wish to discuss your needs or would like a quote for a Sennheiser Tourguide hearing system, just give us a call on 0845 125 9409 or email us at sales@e-av.co.uk Our team are happy to help and work closely with Sennheiser to make sure the system is right for you. We can offer a full demonstration or even an installation service of a tour guide hearing system if you would like however, these units are designed for ease of use and you may find that you will be up and running straight of the box.

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