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    • Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphones

      As of today Sennheiser are shipping the new AVX range of wireless microphones and I must say, they look pretty cool. The AVX Wireless mics are designed for people wanting to capture audio to go alongside their video. They plug straight in to the XLR audio input on your camera/sound recording device and use phantom power.

      In the UK there is the AVX-835 Handheld system which comes with Sennheiser’s legendary 835 Capsule. There’s also the AVX-ME2 Lapel system that comes with the standard ME2 Mic and then the AVX-MKE2 SET which comes with the high end MKE2 lapel mic. Click the links above to check the individual AVX systems.

      Sennheiser have spared nothing when it comes to the marketing of these systems and have produced a some nice little Hollywood style videos, take a look at the AVX 1.9GHz Wireless Microphone video belows

      The beauty of these systems is that they are Licence free in the UK and many other countries across the world. You simply turn up, tune in and off you go. Great for location recording where sound is paramount. They run on 1.9GHz which usually isn't available in the UK however, these systems work on DECT technology which means that a licence isn't required.

      If you want help selecting the right wireless microphone for you, give us a call

    • Sennheiser EW D1 2.4GHz Wireless Microphones - Ready to Transmit

      Sennheiser have finally joined the 2.4GHz race with their new EW D1 series of wireless microphones. Following in the footsteps of Line 6, AKG and Audio Technica, Sennheiser are now offering a system that looks to offer the quality you would expect from a Sennheiser wireless system on the 2.4GHz wireless range.

      The range will look familiar to those already accustomed to the Sennheiser wireless family. In the vocal range we have the EW D1-835 and the EW D1-845. The presenter system comes with the very popular ME2 mic and is aptly called the EW D1-ME2. The Headset system includes the clunky yet reliable ME3 headset and is called the EW D1-ME3.


      It seems from their marketing that these are being aimed at the gigging musician/ bands rather than the install market. They are even running a competition aimed at bands at the time of this blog going to press. Here’s the video trailer for anyone interested….Warning, contains Chesney Hawks and much cheesiness

      2.4GHz digital wireless systems offer a sound that is uncompressed and therefore should sound better than their analogue cousins. By rights, you should be able to put the EW135 and the new EW D1-835 next to each other and have better/less compressed sound from the D1. We are yet to test this but that’s the theory anyway. 2.4GHz wireless microphones also have the benefit of being licence-free in the UK. Sennheiser state that in the ‘right conditions’, you can run up to 15 systems together without a licence. Please note that the phrase ‘right conditions’ is key here and we would advise anyone looking at running multiple systems to call us or speak with Sennheiser first to see what is recommended.


      The Sennheiser D1 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone systems have caught our attention and as wireless microphone specialists in the UK, we can’t wait to get our hands on these (a matter of days) and give them the once over. With the Freeport aside, Sennheiser have always seemed to offer high-end wireless microphone systems and we think the EW D1 systems might be the new leader in the 2.4GHz market.

      If you are looking at a single system or a complete racked and ready wireless microphone system, give us a call on 0845 125 9409 and we will be happy to chat.

      EAV Pro Audio

    • Happy New Year - 2015

      Just a very quick one to wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope that 2015 is a great one for you.

      Over the next few weeks we shall be adding more products to our Winter sale and we hope you get chance to view this and grab a bargain.

      We shall also be adding many new products to the website over the next few weeks and increase our already big range Expect new gear from Sennheiser, Audio Technica, LD Systems, HK Audio and more.
      We shall also be announcing some big new additions to the wireless Microphone world soon too

      Keep checking the blog or give us a like on Facebook to hear about these products first


      Once again, Happy New Year

      Jonathan - EAV Pro Audio

    • Christmas Opening and Delivery times 2014

      I cant believe it’s been a year since I was posting a similar blog. Time truly flies when you are having fun. Anyway, below is all the information you will need to know about our opening and delivery times during the Christmas break.

      Pre Christmas Delivery Times
      We will do our best to deliver all order placed before Monday 22th December before Christmas. If it cant be done due to stock issues, we will call you and at the very least email you with an ETA. Once an order has left us, you will receive an email with a ParcelForce tracking number on.

      Office Opening and delivery details over Christmas & New Year
      Our sales office and warehouse will be closed from Midday December 23rd and re-opening at 8:30am on January 5th 2015. Any orders placed during this time may be processed but not despatched until our return.

      Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
      Team EAV

    • Line 6 Wireless Microphone Rebate Scheme

      Its back and its bigger – The Line 6 2014 Rebate Scheme is offering up to £65 rebate on their wireless microphone systems. Last year they were offering £50 and it was a huge success and we hope that by increasing the deal, it will be as popular if not bigger.

      The rebate scheme includes all the XD-V systems from the baby V35, the V55 and the big daddy V75 systems. Its an offer run by Line 6 and it is Line 6 that give you the rebate when you buy a system between now and December 31st 2014. There are some conditions attached and you can check them out on the form that is downloadable below.

      Submit proof of purchase to Line 6 and they will rebate the appropriate amount. Take a look at the form here

      If you wish to discuss your wireless needs or the benefits of 2.4GHz wireless microphone systems, give EAV Pro Audio a call and we will be happy to help.

    • The Presonus RM16AI and RM32AI Rackmount Mixers

      With PLASA happening as we speak, many of our suppliers are showcasing new products to the eager eyes of the pro audio world. The one that has really excited us is the new mixer units from Presonus and EAV are pleased to announce the new Presonus RM-AI roackmount mixer units are now online. The Presonus RM16-AI and the Presonus RM32-AI offer the same features just in different sizes. They seem to be the first of their kind and we are very excited to get our hands on them when they land at the end of this month. Our product pages have all the info you could need but the videos below really show you what you can do with these mixers

      EAV Pro Audio are taking pre-orders now for the desks and will ship them once they land in the UK at the end of this month.

    • AKG DMS Tetrad - New 2.4Ghz System In The UK

      AKG are the latest manufacturer to get on board with 2.4GHz wireless microphone systems with the new DMS Tetrad system. Following in the footsteps of Line 6 and Audio Technica, AKG have embraced this frequency band and come up with a rather nice looking system that has some features that im sure will perk your interests. This video gives you a little walkthrough of the system

      We are finding that 2.4GHz wireless microphones are becoming very popular with our customers and that’s mainly down to three factors;

      1) 2.4GHz is Licence Free in the UK and the rest of the world

      2) You don’t have to worry about interference from TV channels

      3) It delivers uncompressed audio so whatever you put in, comes out the other end.

      The AKG DMS Tetrad offers some nice touches such as an Integrated Four Channel Mixer which mixes up to four channels directly to one MIX Output on the receiver. This way, if you are short of channel space or just want to take an active speaker out with you, you can. The antennaes are detachable which means you can remote mount them or use other 2.4GHz antennae if you wish. The whole thing can be racked with the included rack kit and finally, it doesn’t cost the earth.

      To find out more about the system, visit our AKG DMSTetrad System page

    • EAV Pro Audio Look at The Audio Technica System 10 Systems

      Our installation engineer Dave Sharpe has taken a look at the Audio technica System 10 2.4GHz wireless microphone systems.

    • Allen & Heath QU-32 Landing Soon In The UK

      Allen & Heath’s massively successful QU range of digital mixers is about to get a new member to the family. The baby QU16 and the QU24 are about to be joined by the big daddy – The Allen & Heath QU32. Judging by the specs and the video below, the QU-32 offers a mass of features and sits nicely at the top of the QU range.

      For the price, the QU32 offers some amazing features and we can see this becoming the desk of choice for those needing loads of channels and professional features. See our QU32 Digital Mixer product page for the full specs.

      EAV Pro Audio have a shipment of these coming in from the first UK delivery and are taking pre orders now. This shipment is now sold out with the UK supplier of Allen & Heath and if history repeats itself, the QU-32 Digital mixer will be in high demand and short supply like its smaller brothers for a good few months.qu32


    • New Yamaha MG Mixers - Introducing the Third Generation

      The Yamaha MG mixers have been a big seller for us a EAV for a long time. Since the first generation and through to the second, they have offered a reliability and performance that is hard to match at their price point. The only downside we could see was that there were so many models ( FX versions, standard versions, USB versions, USB with FX versions etc…) that keeping track and stock was a mission. Well, there is now a third generation hitting our shelves and we like what we have seen so far.


      As expected, the new Yamaha MG Mixers range is comprehensive but a little more manageable now. There are non-FX and FX models of the range and the FX models have USB interface attached to most of them too. The USB is still disappointingly 2-in/2-out (rather than being able to record each channel simultaneously from the desk) but for most of us, that isn’t a problem. Those MG mixers that have the USB port come bundled with CUBASE AI for recording. The USB port can also be used for digital playpack.

      Yamaha’s one knob compression can be found on 90% of the range and this tool is great for keeping your vocals or guitars dynamically in check. The SPX sound great, the pre-amps are good, they seem well built and essentially they offer all that the old ranges did but with a few added extras. They look a little nicer too.

      The standard range consists of the following desks;

      Yamaha MG06
      Yamaha MG10 (Taken over from the MG102C)
      Yamaha MG12 (Taken over from the MG124C)
      Yamaha MG16 (Taken over from the MG166C)
      Yamaha MG20 (Taken over from the MG206C)

      The XU models are consists of

      Yamaha MG06X
      Yamaha MG10XU
      Yamaha MG12XU (Taken over from the MG124CX)
      Yamaha MG16XU (Taken over from the MG166CX and MG166C-USB)
      Yamaha MG20XU (Taken over from the MG206C-USB)

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